Products displayed at the IIAR 2010 Exhibition

By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 24, 2010, 12:12 4 minute reading

This final article provides an overview of ammonia refrigeration products showcased at the 2010 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Exhibition by partner companies and several other companies active in the field. +PHOTO GALLERIES

The exhibition held in parallel with the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) 2010 Industrial Refrigeration Conference featured more than 100 displays from leading ammonia refrigeration industry manufacturers and service providers. Several exhibitors presented ‘technomercials’, which are sessions that combine product information and training.


Parker: The global leader in motion and controls showcased its Auto Purger Model V200 for removing efficiently foreign non-condensable gases from ammonia refrigeration systems. The light weight purger features a proprietary microprocessor control for all sensing and control functions.

MAYEKAWA: The leading Japanese compressor and refrigeration systems manufacturer showcased its R717/R744 cooling solution “NewTon 3000” for cold storage refrigeration. NewTon 3000 features an IPM motor and a screw rotor with new profile. The company also displayed its J-Series screw featuring a new rotor lobe profile (J-profile) for higher efficiency and lowest noise. Moreover MAYEKAWA displayed information regarding the first water source CO2 heat pump for industrial and commercial use supplying chilled and hot water at the same time.

Danfoss: Danfoss displayed its ICM motor valve, a direct operated motorised valve driven by actuator type ICAD (Industrial Control Actuator with Display).

AIR: The industrial plant operator AIR (American Industrial Refrigeration) provided information with regards to its engineering and design-build services for industrial refrigeration systems.

VILTER: VILTER presented its VISSION 20/20 microprocessor control, which thanks to advanced ETX CPU technology has fewer connections, improving speed and reliability. The company was also very proud to be one of the partners working on an ongoing project in Norway that will turn the frigid water of the North Sea into heat for an entire city with zero global warming impact through the use of an industrial heat pump for district heating – a project type ‘never been done before’. A VILTER ammonia single screw compressor was used for the project led by Star Refrigeration. VILTER also held a technomercial on the project.

HANSEN: HANSEN displayed its HS4D two step solenoid valve, a rugged-bodied valve that can be used anywhere a soft opening or closing solenoid valve is desired. It can also be used as a suction solenoid and equalising valve.

MBraz & Associates: MBraz & Associates presented its industrial refrigeration engineering design services for food processing and cold storage projects in the US, Mexico, Brazil and anywhere else in the Americas.

M&M Refrigeration: The system designer presented its CO2/ammonia cascade concept combining the advantages of CO2 on the low-temperature side and ammonia on the high-temperature side, while limiting the presence of ammonia to the engine room.

VaCom: VaCom Technologies presented its EnergyDashboard web-based energy performance and monitoring service for refrigeration systems and similar energy using systems.

VAHTERUS: VAHTERUS displayed its plate and shell heat exchangers for advanced refrigeration applications such as evaporators, condensers, cascades, desuperheaters and oil coolers. They feature unique shell construction together with fully welded plates.

HERMETIC: HERMETIC showcased its CNF and CAM centrifugal canned motors pump models suitable for ammonia and CO2 refrigerants.

Cool Air: Cool Air showcased its LBW 50 ammonia leak detector as well as its relief line gas detector.

ISOTHERM: The company presented its ISOFLEX laser welded plate and frame evaporators and condensers as well as its marine products, such as titanium chillers and condensers for RSW applications.

WITT: WITT displayed its HRP hermetic refrigerant pump, as well as its HR high side float regulator.

evapco: evapco presented its range of products, including evaporative condensers, evaporators, hygienic air handling units, custom freezing capabilities, liquid recirculator packages, ASME pressure vessels, cooling towers and closed circuit coolers.

Training and technomercials

Several exhibitors presented ‘technomercials’, sessions that combine product information and training. As already mentioned, VILTER held a technomercial on industrial heat pumps, drawing on the case study of a project in co-operation with Star Refrigeration supplying the world’s largest ammonia heat pump for district heating.

Moreover, Garden City Ammonia Program (GCAP), the only Private Industrial Ammonia Technical School in North America, presented its training programs for industrial ammonia refrigeration specialised on efficiency, safety, and compliance.

Finally, The Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation (ARF), a non-profit research and education foundation organised by members of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR), was presente at the event to promote educational and scientific projects related to industrial refrigeration and the use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants. 


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 24, 2010, 12:12

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