Latest heat exchanger, compressor and NH3 system innovations at China Refrigeration 2013

By Janaina Topley Lira, Apr 18, 2013, 13:28 2 minute reading

At the 2013 China Refrigeration Exhibition in Shanghai, a number of new innovative ammonia-based solutions were on display. brings you an overview of ammonia products exhibited. + PHOTOS

As one world’s most important events in the HVAC&R sectors, this year’s China Refrigeration Exhibition hosted 1146 exhibitors from more than 30 countries all over the world, from 8-10 April. Yantai Moon Group, Bitzer, Frascold and Alfa Laval showcased their innovative ammonia-based solutions this year.
Alfa Laval: The heat exchanger expert displayed its U-Turn separator, which brings efficiencies to flooded-ammonia cooling. The U-Turn system can cover ammonia capacities from 200 to 1400 kW at 0°C evaporation temperature and from 50 to 500 kW at -40°C evaporation temperature. The Optigo CC Single airflow cooler was also exhibited. The system is used for freezing and cooling applications designed to use CO2. 
Bitzer: Bitzer showcased their open drive screw compressors including model OSKA7471 and model OSNA8571 for ammonia in the expo.
Frascold: The Italian compressor manufacturer exhibited its open screw compressors for HFC/NH3 this year. The Frascold ATS screw compressors are suitable to operate with HFC and ammonia refrigerants in a wide range of applications in industrial refrigeration, process systems, AC, and heat pumps. Its refrigerating capacity ranges from 10 to 470kW (2900rpm).
thermowave: Part of the Guentner group, German plate heat exchanger manufacturer thermowave displayed their thermoPlus solution for high-pressure applications. The laser welded plate heat exchanger is optimised for industrial cooling processes requiring low evaporating temperatures, such as cascade NH3/CO2 systems, NH3 high temperature applications, as well as pressure breakers and central coolers in mining applications and high rise buildings. It can handle operating pressures of 50 bar on the CO2 side.
Yantai Moon Group: Yantai Moon Group displayed their updated NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration system this year. The system is applicable to multiple working conditions with the evaporating temperatures ranging from -55 °C to -25°C. The system can adopt both manual control and intelligent control mode. It also features multiple safety protection devices to give an alarm and shut down automatically to reduce the damage in case of any anomaly.



By Janaina Topley Lira

Apr 18, 2013, 13:28

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