•  Combined Oil separators for NH3


Ammonia separator with integrated second stage of separation.

Technical specifications
  • Exact oil level monitoring by opto-electronical liquid level monitor OLC-D1
  • Leakage free Rotalock sightglass
  • Standardized connection positions OA1954(A) now with refrigerant outlet upwards
  • Two sizes available

  • The newly integrated second stage of separation separates again 90% of the oil content compared to the standard OA.
  • The oil carry over rate is extremely low up to 20ppm of the mass flow.
  • The approvable compressor volume flow of 2500 m³/ allows a compressor system of e.g. 6 parallel OSNA8571-K or 4 OSNA8591-K.
  • Improved cost-performance ratio

  • Large commercial
  • Industrial applications

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