Chillventa 2012: Latest ammonia products on show

By Alexandra Maratou, Oct 23, 2012, 17:30 6 minute reading

Some 29,000 individuals visited the International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heat Pumps Chillventa that took place from 9-11 October 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany. was on site to report about new developments and products using ammonia refrigerant. +PHOTOS

Alfa Laval - Alfa Laval presented its U-Turn AlfaNova 76 – plug'n'play module for flooded ammonia, a liquid separator especially designed for use with plate heat exchangers in ammonia applications. The module – including the separator and plate heat exchanger (PHE) ensures minimum pressure drop losses and maximum energy efficiency. Installed above the plate heat exchanger, the self-contained U-Turn can be easily mounted onto the compatible AlfaNova 76 fusion bonded plate heat exchanger made of 100% stainless steel. It can cover ammonia capacities from 29 to 110 kW (depending on evaporating temperature from -40°C up to +10°C).

Danfoss - At the Industrial Refrigeration area, Danfoss exhibited a row of product news and a new concept:
  • The new FlexlineTM concept: FlexlineTM includes three product categories – all designed for industrial refrigeration: ICV FlexlineTM, ICF FlexlineTM, and the new SVL FlexlineTM
  • SVL FlexlineTM - the new series of line components
  • Product pre-premiere on ICLX – a two-step servo-operated main valve scheduled to be launched late 2012. It offers a superior solution of safety and convenience. ICLX is based on the ICV FlexlineTM housing and therefore share a lot of the same specifications and benefits as rest of the FlexlineTM family.
  • AKS 4100 - Liquid Level Sensor with TDR Guided Radar technology
  • The new improved function module for the popular ICS valve

GEA - GEA displayed the new GEA Grasso MC open screw compressors distinguished from their predecessors for efficiency improvement, primarily in partial-load ranges. With four model sizes, the MC range covers a displacement range from 471 to 870 m³/h (at 2,940 rpm). These screw compressors for HVAC and refrigeration applications were entirely redesigned, retaining features such as the long-life roller-bearing mounts for radial and thrust bearings with hydraulic relief, the asymmetric rotor profile (further improved), and the service-friendly basic structural design. The so-called speed version is also available, with Vi adaptation by Vi slide control and output matching with a frequency converter for speed control. In the latter version, the new screw compressor is now employed in the GEA Grasso BluAstrum compact ammonia chiller – which enables the chiller to attain outstanding European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) values.

After successful introduction of the single-stage piston compressor GEA Grasso V, with units in the medium and upper capacity ratings, GEA Refrigeration Technologies has now added compressors to round off this range toward the lower end of the capacity scale. The proven compressor concept is being implemented with smaller displacements. The smallest model is now the 4-cylinder V 300 piston compressor, designed for refrigeration ratings up to 238 kW. The compressor line also includes a 6-cylinder model, the V 450, with 357 kW. The model V 600 delivers a maximum of 476 kW with its 8 cylinders. All capacity ratings are for ammonia as refrigerant.

GEA Grasso ammonia dryer – supplement to ammonia chiller: the dryer removes water from the refrigerant circuit and keeps it dry and clean, ensuring a long operational life as well as low operating and maintenance cost for ammonia chillers.

The company also displayed Grasso 5HP Series high-pressure compressors for ammonia heat pumps GEA PHE Systems.

MAYEKAWA - MAYEKAWA Europe exhibited:
  • N8K compact chiller condenser package, combining capacity with a small footprint.

  • N6HK heat pump package, energy saving by recuperating heat.
  • N280JL-V bare compressor, the latest screw compressor series with a new design providing higher COP and standard equipped with an automatic Vi.

  • N220JL-V, a refrigeration unit constructed the company’s latest screw compressor series with a new design providing higher COP and standard equipped with an automatic Vi.

  • Mayekawa CP-5 control panel, the latest version of the company’s successful line of control panels including touch screen and equipped with Modbus.

Parker Hannifin - Leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems Parker Hannifin presented a new safety valve, now ATEX certified for explosive areas, which feature a PTFE-compound disc sealing suitable for a larger range of refrigerants and different mediums.

Hansen Technologies - Hansen displayed shut-off valves that are designed specifically for use in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. These rugged valves are a strong, reliable component for modern industrial refrigeration applications and are suitable for liquid, suction, hot gas, discharge, recirculating liquid or oil lines.

Moreover Hansen presented the PXV Pulse Width Expansion Valve, a pulse modulating liquid refrigerant expansion valve that uses a specially designed, high cycle, long life solenoid operator. A sophisticated controller uses a 4-20mA input signal to monitor the liquid flow to the system. The pulse design eliminates the need to maintain minimum pressure differential. The PXV is available for ammonia capacities up to 60 tons with adjustable capacity settings. The PXV models available for ammonia are 5 and 15 ton (nominal). The PXVW model for ammonia has an adjustable orifice from 5 to 60 tons (nominal). PXV modulates the flow of liquid feed to an evaporator or chiller and may be used wherever a thermal expansion valve (TXV) would be used. It is also ideal for liquid make-up to small surge vessels above flooded heat exchangers to minimize fluctuations in liquid level and pressures, and for liquid injection for compressor cooling.

Hansen presented their Multi-Valve Platform Valve Station, Heavy-duty gas-powered 2-step suction stop valves and Cartridge Relief Valve.

Star Refrigeration/ Emerson Climate Technologies - Emerson Climate Technologies presented Copeland, Alco, Dixell, Oaksmere and Vilter products and services. A particular focus at the Emerson Climate Technologies booth was on Vilter single screw technology for industrial heating and cooling applications.

Co-exhibitor Star Refrigeration displayed the Neatpump, a 500kW ammonia heat pump that makes use of the Vilter single screw compressors. Right after the event, the Neatpump is to be installed in a Belgium Emerson compressor factory.

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) presented a wide array of factory assembled evaporative heat rejection and thermal storage equipment, including:
  • Open Cooling Towers
  • Closed Circuit Cooling Towers
  • Water Saving Hybrid Wet-Dry Products
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Ice Thermal Storage Products

HB Products - HB Products unveiled at Chillventa the new level sensor HBLC-R-IP designed for use in freezing tunnels and other low temperature applications with ambient temperatures as low as -50°C. The company has also presented a new level controller HBLT-C1 for pump separators, receivers and economisers.

DSI (Dybvad Stål Industr) - DSI displayed their plate freezers suitable for land and marine installations. In the last few years, DSI has sold over 500 freezers using CO2 refrigerant, while its complete product programme of vertical and horizontal plate freezers is designed and optmised for the use of ammonia in the refrigeration system.

Bitzer - Bitzer displayed CO2 Liquid Receiver F562K, which is also offered for R717 or R290 (28 bar).

Evapco - Evapco presented evaporative condensers for industrial refrigeration, such as Model PMC-EQ (forded draft with low sound axial fans Nominal Capacity: 850 kW till 5.800 kW.), Model ATC (induced draft with axial fan Nominal Capacity/Durchfluss: 215 till 14.900 kW). They also presented the NH3-Wet/Dry Condenser, Model WDC (induced draft with axial fans Nominal Capacity: 980 till 2.180 kW). 



By Alexandra Maratou

Oct 23, 2012, 17:30

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