GEA BluX is among the world‘s first ammonia chillers with a semi-hermetic compact screw compressor, developed as an environmentally friendly solution in line with the global trend towards a greener future through the use of natural refrigerants.

Sustainable technology is becoming increasingly important for the operation of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. Growing public awareness and advancing climate and environmental protection standards are promoting cleaner, eco-friendly sources of energy. This makes systems using the power of alternative sources, such as natural refrigerants with its outstanding characteristics, increasingly attractive. GEA BluX has been developed for ammonia (R717) – the climate-friendly, future-proof and highly efficient natural refrigerant for sustainable refrigeration solutions. It plays a key role in supplying people around the world with pleasant living and working environments, fresh food and beverages.

Air conditioning of commercial, residential and public buildings

GEA BluX is an ideal chiller for air conditioning systems. Almost every type of modern commercial, residential or public building needs systems to ensure a comfortable air temperature and healthy living conditions. All technology solutions for this area of application must meet special safety standards. GEA BluX is distinguished by its sophisticated design that minimizes the risk of hazardous gas emissions or technical defects in order to safeguard the well-being of people in every location.

Industrial refrigeration for the food and beverage industry

Modern, fast transportation networks and sophisticated refrigeration technologies make sensitive fresh foods from all over the world available year-round. Strict temperature control and careful handling are crucial for maintaining their quality and to meet official requirements. The new GEA BluX chiller has been designed to offer compact solutions to safely maintain the cold chain.

  • Processing of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, beverages and convenience food
  • Cold storage and distribution centers

Highlights & technical features

  • Ammonia (R717) chillers – safely future-proof in compliance with the F-gas regulation
  • For air conditioning and industrial refrigeration
  • For secondary refrigerant outlet temperatures from –5 to +15 °C
  • Smallest refrigerant charge 40–50 g/kW
  • Two design options: cubic and slim variant

GEA RT Select – our selection and configuration program will help you to find the right equipment for your refrigeration and heating plant.

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