GEA Blu-Red Fusion

GEA has launched an innovation that combines highly efficient cooling and heating in a single product. The new GEA Blu-Red Fusion is a combination of the successful GEA Blu chillers (low stage) and GEA Red heat pumps (high stage).

At best-in-class efficiency, the GEA Blu-Red Fusion is particularly suited for combined cooling and heating applications with high temperature lifts between heat source and heat sink, where single stage compression would otherwise be inefficient or impossible. Whether in the food, dairy or beverage industry, the GEA Blu-Red Fusion is ideal for cooling and heating applications such as hot water washdown for abattoirs or pasteurization processes. The Fusion is also the first choice for heating only applications, such as district and facility heating, using low-temperature heat sources including water from the environment or sewage and wastewater.

GEA Blu-Red Fusion models are based on the existing Blu chiller (BluAstrum or BluGenium) and Red heat pump (RedAstrum or RedGenium) family and offer the same features and benefits. The Blu-Red Fusion can be easily configured as one product in the product selection and configuration tool GEA RT Select which perfectly matches Blu chiller and Red heat pump modules with respect to the project specific requirements.

Efficiency-optimized configuration minimizes total costs and CO₂ emissions

The intermediate stage is equipped with a single, high-efficient ammonia - ammonia ’cascade’ heat exchanger. This connection of the low and high stage, with two separated refrigeration circuits, allows the free combination of different models and minimizes the total refrigerant charge. The absence of an intermediate liquid circuit reduces the equipment effort and capital investment, reduces the differential pressure of both stages, and does not waste power on glycol or water pumps. The efficiency benefit easily reaches double digit numbers. This means a dramatic reduction of energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Full flexibility with three different operating modes

The GEA Blu-Red Fusion offers the highest flexibility for individual operating requirements and seasonal demands. As well as simultaneous cooling and heating in full- or part-load (‘mode 1’), it is possible to switch off the heat pump stage and operate the chiller stage only, when there is no heating demand (‘mode 2’). Finally, the heating capacity can be regulated (reduced) irrespective of the cooling capacity demand (‘mode 3’). It’s also possible to save costs by configuring the Fusion for constantly lower heating demands to prevent unnecessary oversizing of the heat pump module.

Highlights and technical features

  • Broad range of models for combined cooling and heating applications
  • Full flexibility with different operating modes
  • Highest efficiency and lowest energy consumption
  • Future-proof with the natural refrigerant ammonia (R717) – in accordance with the F-gas regulation, the initiative for the prohibition of F-gases
  • Cooling capacity range approx. 325 – 1,730 kW *)
  • Heating capacity range approx. 425 – 2,425 kW *)
  • Heat carrier supply temperatures up to +80 °C (higher temperatures on request)
  • Secondary refrigerant outlet temperature range between -15 to +15 °C
  • Fully welded shell & plate heat exchanger
  • Various plate materials available, all common liquids supported
  • Efficiency-optimized configuration with minimized energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Stepless capacity control via frequency inverter, additionally screw compressors with capacity slide and reciprocating compressors with cylinder switch-off
  • Industry-leading controller technology with GEA Omni
  • Based on well-proven equipment, GEA Blu chiller and Red heat pump know-how and experience

*) Sec. refrigerant +12/+6 °C, heat carrier +40/+70 °C

Learn more with GEA RT Select – our product selection and configuration tool.

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