ABOUT Evapco

Since its founding in 1976, EVAPCO has become an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of quality heat transfer products around the world. EVAPCO’s mission is to provide first class service and quality products for the following markets:

  1. Industrial Refrigeration
  2. District Energy
  3. Commercial HVAC
  4. Industrial Process
  5. Power

EVAPCO’s powerful combination of financial strength and technical expertise has established the company as a recognised manufacturer of market-leading products on a worldwide basis. EVAPCO is also recognised for the superior technology of their environmentally friendly product innovations in sound reduction and water management.

EVAPCO is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration systems & components. The company offers a broad line of ammonia and CO2 air unit evaporators, critical process air systems, evaporative condensers, CO2 gas coolers, packaged recirculators, pressure vessels, and Evapcold Low Charge Refrigeration packages.

With an ongoing commitment to research, development, and sustainable technology, EVAPCO provides among the most advanced products in the industry.

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Low Charge Packaged Ammonia Chillers

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Evapcold Low Charge Packaged Refrigeration Systems
EVAPCO ATC-DC evaporative condenser


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