Evapco Becomes Gold Partner on Ammonia21.com

By Tine Stausholm, Feb 22, 2022, 16:42 2 minute reading

The U.S. OEM manufactures low-charge ammonia refrigeration systems, cooling towers, and evaporative and air-cooled condensers as well as CO2 gas coolers and evaporators.

Evapcold low-charge ammonia penthouse units.

Evapco, a U.S. OEM and manufacturer of heat-transfer products, has joined some of the industry’s leading ammonia companies as a gold partner on ammonia21.com.

Operating since 1976, Evapco manufactures a variety of natural refrigerant products, including low-charge packaged-ammonia refrigeration systems, evaporative and air-cooled condensers and cooling towers. Evapco also manufactures gas coolers, evaporators and vessels for CO2 (R744) refrigeration, and just announced its acquisition of transcritical CO2 manufacturer Systèmes LMP, creating Evapco LMP.

One of Evapco’s ammonia customers is U.S. food distributor Shamrock Foods Company. In early 2021, Shamrock equipped a storage facility in Denver, Colorado, with 31 low-charge packaged-ammonia units, rather than a large centralized ammonia system. The 31 units have a charge of around 475lbs (215.46kg) each and a combined capacity of 2,342TR (8,236kW). 

They serve seven temperature zones, each with unique suction levels, which are set to closely track the room temperature in each zone, rather than the centralized system supplying cooling to all of the zones. This makes the system “very energy efficient,” according to Bob Glaser, Shamrock Project Manager and Enterprise Maintenance Manager.

Another customer is Wako Chemicals, a U.S. manufacturer of biochemicals. In 2017, Wako replaced an old R22 cooling system with a low-charge and compact ammonia chiller from Evapco, expanding its cooling capacity with a system fitting into the same space as the old one. The new ammonia system also gave Wako an 18% higher COP than an alternative R404 solution.

New products and innovation

Evapco has launched several new innovations in the last couple of years. In July 2021, the company added an air-cooled plug-and-play ammonia chiller to complement its range of  water-cooled models.

The company has also launched a new finned coil design, called the Ellipti-fin, which boosts thermal performance of closed-circuit coolers and evaporative condensers, improving efficiency by an average of 25%.

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By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Feb 22, 2022, 16:42

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