Cooling in 2021: Evapco to Unveil Its First Air-Cooled Low-Charge Ammonia Chillers

By Michael Garry, Dec 04, 2020, 16:21 2 minute reading

The air-cooled models are expected to cost less than water-cooled units.

Kurt Liebendorfer, Evapco

In early 2021 U.S. OEM Evapco will formally introduce the latest addition to its low-charge ammonia line of Evapcold chillers (LCR-C), its first air-cooled model, according to Kurt Liebendorfer, Evapco’s vice president.

“The current models are water-cooled, so bringing the air-cooled models to market in just a few months will be a great addition,” he said.

The creation of the air-cooled chiller line, along with others under development, was partly driven by “expectations they will provide a lower overall cost solution than current solutions,” Liebendorfer noted.

The air-cooled units will be available in different configurations. “We expect them to be very popular due to their complete plug-and-play nature and high efficiency,” said Liebendorfer.

In general, Liebendorfer said he sees an increasing number of low-charge ammonia unit installations, “and we expect this to expand in 2021.”

Two-year development

Evapco, based in Taneytown, Maryland (U.S.) introduced the LCR-C line in 2017 with the SS (small-single family) unit. Last year, the company announced the expansion of the LCR-C line, adding capacity and larger compressors for production and process cooling as well as air conditioning in a range of industrial applications.

The air-cooled chiller has been in development for the last two years “and has undergone the same rigorous testing program that all Evapco products are put through,” said Liebendorfer.

Liebendorfer described the “sweet spot” for the LCR-C chiller product line to be 0°F-35°F (-17°C to 2°C) chilled-fluid temperatures.

On October 21, Liebendorfer participated in the industrial case studies session during the online ATMOsphere America conference. His presentation described the retrofit installation of two LRC-C chillers at a facility run by Wako Chemicals USA, a subsidiary of FUJIFILM. 

In addition to the chiller line, Evapco has a line of LCR-P penthouse low-charge ammonia units, introduced in 2015. Designed to be roof-mounted above the refrigerated space, these units are available with pumped recirculated liquid (PRL) ammonia evaporators for low- and medium-temperature applications, or direct expansion (DX) evaporators for medium- and high-temperature applications.

We expect them to be very popular due to their complete plug-and-play nature and high efficiency.”
– Kurt Liebendorfer, Evapco

By Michael Garry

Dec 04, 2020, 16:21

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