• Oil injection type screw compressors
• For high pressure application, highly efficient operation


Mayekawa has developed a new series of oil injection type screw compressors that is capable of running continuously at a discharge pressure of 5,0 MPaG (50bar).

Technical details

  • The 4 types (160GHS, GH250S, GH250L, GH320S) range from:
  • 570kg to 5000kg in weight
  • 510mm to 1095mm in width
  • 1021 - 1938mm In length and
  • 510 - 970mm in height
  • Suction pressure: 0,55 to 3,0 MPaG (up to 30bar)
  • Discharge pressure: 3,7 - 5,0 MPaG (up to 50bar)
  • Design pressure of casing: 6,0 MPaG (60bar)
  • Min. allowable suction pressure: 0,5 MPaG
  • Max. allowable discharge temperature: 100°C
  • Max. drive shaft speed: 3600 - 4500 rpm
  • Min. drive shaft speed: 1450 - 2950 rpm
  • Number of lobes/male rotors: 5
  • Number of lobes / female rotors: 7
  • Applications: high pressure fuel gas supply to gas turbines, low temperature freezing systems on CO2 with defrost cycle, ammonia heat pumps etc
  • Designed for: CO2, hydrocarbons, NH3, helium, hydrogen and others
  • Compliant with: API619, EN-378 ATEX, NACE and more


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