NH3 training taking place now in Madrid

By Pilar Aleu, Mar 23, 2017, 12:05 1 minute reading

The Spanish Industry Association AEFYT is organising its 8th edition of training on installations using natural refrigerants in Madrid this week.

In view of increasing demand for training on proper handling of ammonia, and more recently CO2, the Spanish association for refrigeration technology (AEFYT) is hosting a new edition of the training session on ammonia usage in refrigeration installations on 22-24 March.

“Technicians must know ammonia properties in order to guarantee the safe use and maintenance of these equipments,” AEFYT director Manuel Lamúa said. ‘This training is helping companies to have qualified professionals in an industry where there is still a lot do in regards to education,” Lamúa continued.

The objective of the programme is to analise the performance of ammonia-based installations including components, design and construction. The course highlights specific features of installations with NH3 in regards to safety, maintenance and energy efficiency. Ammonia is widely used in Spain for Industrial installations. New to this year is also of the inclusion of aspects related to installations with CO2, given the increasing interest in this option by end users.

AEFYT training offer includes:

  • Refrigeration (60 hours – 5 sessions)
  • Design of CO2 installations (16 hours – 2 days)
  • Improvement on energy efficiency in refrigeration installations
  • Refrigeration applications for food industry (20 hours – 3 days)


AEFYT (Asociacion de empresas de frío y sus tecnologías) is an independent and non-profit association that represents the refrigeration sector in Spain. Composed of 152 members, the organisation publishes and disseminates industry publications, organises workshops and conferences, and promotes knowledge-sharing in tradeshows and conferences.


By Pilar Aleu

Mar 23, 2017, 12:05

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