Managing your ammonia system with Güntner know-how

By team, Aug 30, 2016, 10:37 2 minute reading

As our preview of new natural refrigerant products at Chillventa 2016 continues, today the spotlight falls on component manufacturer Güntner, which will be showcasing updated CO2 gas coolers, a glycol collection system and a new building management system for big ammonia installations.

The Güntner Group is presenting innovations created for the trends of the future at Chillventa, the leading trade fair for refrigeration, engineering, HVAC and heat pumps. The 2016 show takes place from 11-14 October in the German city of Nürnberg.

Their stand (in slots 7-14 and 7-15) will include high-end units and accessories from the Güntner, JAEGGI and thermowave brands.

New adiabatic gas cooler for transcritical CO2 plants

The new Güntner Gas Cooler Diagonal Compact (GGDC) is equipped with a humidification pad and Güntner Hydro Management (GHM) humidification control.

This performs in regions where ambient temperatures climb above +40°C. The adiabatic air pre-cooling helps achieve efficient operation in transcritical CO2 plants.

The GGDC has a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar and temperature of +150 °C, providing a capacity range of up to approximately 300 kW.

The GHM control controls the water volume according to the heat exchanger's load requirement (fan speed), the ambient temperature and humidity – allowing the customer to adjust the wetting water.

Masterpanel – for ammonia

As refrigeration and dry cooling systems become increasingly complex, Güntner is developing products that make end users lives easier.

Modern systems, for example, combine several units with different technologies for heat dissipation: dry coolers, adiabatic units, hybrid dry coolers or evaporative condensers, each of them equipped with an individual control specifically adjusted to the respective unit.

These industrial coolers usually use ammonia, which makes the need for proper safety management all the more critical.

New Güntner technology allows all these pieces of equipment to be integrated into a new building management system (BMS) instead of dealt with separately.

Güntner has developed a central interface that consolidates the subordinate controllers, as well as additional communication protocols. It can be used with fieldbus technology, like Modbus RTU and Profibus DB, and Ethernet protocols like BaCnet/IP and Modbus/TCP, allowing it to easily communicate with any BMS in a secure manner.

Glycol collection system

Güntner will also launch its new Glycol Guard glycol collection system, which allows reliable monitoring of the ethylene glycol concentration in wastewater from cooling systems.

By team (@ammonia21)

Aug 30, 2016, 10:37

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