FOOMA Japan 2014: NH3 systems on display, 37% annual energy reduction over R22

By Jan Dusek, Jun 16, 2014, 19:24 3 minute reading

FOOMA Japan 2014, the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition, brought together more than 92,000 attendees over the course of four days. Hundreds of companies presented their technologies related to food manufacturing and processing. attended the event to meet suppliers using natural refrigerants. Ammonia (R717, NH3) refrigeration solutions were presented mainly by leading Japanese manufacturer Mayekawa, which showcased innovative technologies such as the NewTon an

Organised the 10 - 13 June, by The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, FOOMA Japan 2014 attracted hundreds of exhibitors. The FOOMA trade show brought together major companies and experts within the food machinery world to present and discover latest industry developments. reports on products on display at booths of Mayekawa, Kobe Steel, Fukushima Industries and Koga Industries.

NewTon F refrigeration system for food processing achieves 37% gains over R22 system

On display at the Mayekawa booth was a package refrigeration system developed especially for freezers in food processing plants. The displayed NewTon F-300 features a two-stage semi-hermetic screw compressor and has a cooling capacity of 70kW (other available models have cooling capacities of 140kW and 170kW). The NewTon F series supplies CO2 to freezers at a temperature of -42°C. All NewTon systems use ammonia as the primary refrigerant and CO2 as a secondary refrigerant. The ammonia refrigerant is therefore kept safely in the machine room limiting the leakage risk to a minimum.

The F600 model of the NewTon NH3/CO2 package system has been installed in a number of food processing facilities in Japan, achieving remarkable results. One NewTon F600 unit, installed in 2012 in production facility and with a 600kg/h capacity, results in a yearly average energy consumption reduction of 37% in comparison with the previously used R22 air cooled system. In another case study four units of the F600 model were installed in 2013 in a food production facility with a capacity of 1,800kg/h. In comparison with the eight R22 packages installed in 1998 the NewTon technology helps reduce daily electricity consumption in the summer time by 42% (from 6,735 to 3,934kWh/day).

According to Mayekawa, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, the well-proven NewTon technology is an increasingly popular all-natural solution in Japan due to its high energy efficiency and reliability. A current subsidy program from the Japanese Ministry of Environment will help introduce NewTon technology to larger number of cold stores.

Compact size and sophisticated design, new tunnel freezer from Mayekawa

The Mayekawa booth also had on display a new compact tunnel freezer, the CooLDo, compatible with CO2. The exhibited tunnel freezer will be ready for production in 2015. Mayekawa has so far received good feedback from their customers based on the concept model exhibited at FOOMA 2013. The new CooLDo tunnel freezer is compact, with a height only 1,600mm, is easy to clean, and has an attractive design.

Ammonia compressor unit and spiral freezers compatible with R717 refrigerant

Another player in the ammonia refrigeration sector in Japan, Kobe Steel, displayed its semi-hermetic 2-stage ammonia inverter screw compressor unit, the iZN 80TUW. Suitable for food processing and cold stores, the iZN series is available in 24 to 125kW (nominal output of compressor motor).

Takahashi Manufacturing, a manufacturer of freezer solutions for the freezing and chilling of various food products, exhibited its WSJ and WHN tunnel freezers and OKF flow freeze system. All are available with ammonia with the installation of a compatible evaporator system. According to Takahashi Industries the ammonia compatible coils increase the price of the freezer by 30-40%. As a result only 1-2 units out of 100 tunnel freezers shipped on domestic market use R717.

Koga Industries displayed its 3DFreezer, a spiral freezer technology also compatible with ammonia.


By Jan Dusek

Jun 16, 2014, 19:24

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