BITZER debuts its new ammonia compressor packs (ACP)

By Janaina Topley Lira, May 28, 2014, 11:35 3 minute reading

BITZER, the specialist in refrigeration compressors, has developed a new modular ammonia compressor unit for industrial applications. The ammonia compressor pack (ACP) is available with a capacity range of 500 to 3,600 kW and includes all basic com ponents like oil cooler, oil separator and unit controller. The ACP celebrated its premiere at the IIAR trade fair in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2014.

BITZER’s recently debuted ammonia compressor pack (ACP) incorporates either two or three compressors with built-on motors, a common oil separator, oil cooler, a specially designed pack controller and a frequency inverter dedicated to the lead compressor. The ACP concept provides a broad range of operation in high, medium or low temperature applications. Additional highlights include compressor and control redundancy, durability, fast availability of all replacement parts, as well as comprehensive service and training concepts to better acquaint ammonia specialists with the use of the new ACP. 
Key features:
  • Capacity range of 500 to 3,600 kW *
  • Modular compressor packs comprise up to 3 compressors
  • Compressor packs can be connected (up to 9 compressors *) to a single controller
  • Equipped with frequency inverter, common oil separator and oil cooler 
  • Controller and most important sensors are redundant
  • Optional compact Econimizer (closed) with reduced liquid ammonia charge 
BITZER Chief Technology Officer Rainer Große-Kracht explains: ‘The biggest benefit for customers is that they now receive fully assembled, functional compressor units from BITZER, which can be quickly and simply installed on location.’
Efficiency and cost savings
The modular compressor unit contains up to three compressors. As many as three of these compressor units can be connected to a controller at the same time, increasing the overall capacity to 3,600 kW, which is ideal for industrial systems. Individual compressors can be turned on and off, depending on requirements. 
Together with the mechanical capacity control of the other compressors, the primary compressor with frequency inverter ensures optimal part-load performance decreasing operational cost. The frequency-regulated primary compressor features a remarkable low starting current peak, allowing for excellent starting behaviour. The 2nd and 3rd compressors in the unit with mechanical start unloading also have lower starting currents, due to their smaller motor size compared with one big industrial compressor. Low starting current is highly appreciated in areas with less stability of the electrical network and limited power available. Additionally, the controller is able to react on an external input, to limit the total operating amps of the ACP. This in order to be prepared for future grid technologies, capable of saving power on demand.
Ensuring operational reliability
The ACP ensures high reliability in areas subject to stringent operating reliability requirements, for example the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the parallel circuit of its ammonia screw compressors, which provides higher reliability compared to industrial compressor in the same performance class. The controller and the most important sensors are redundant to increase system reliability. Monitoring the application limits with alarm and shut-off limits and operating parameters ensure maximum reliability. If a limit is exceeded, the BITZER pack controller automatically takes countermeasures and informs the superordinated system controller via BUS interface.
Coming soon
BITZER’s new ammonia compressor packs initially debuted at the IIAR exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2014. Promising high efficiency at full- and part-load operation and strong reliability in complex industrial refrigeration and process cooling applications, the ACP will be launched firstly in USA and Brazil within this year, followed by Australia and Indonesia.
For 80 years, BITZER has been manufacturing refrigeration compressors, the “heart” of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The company is considered a global leader in the production of screw, scroll and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications, with models specifically designed for natural refrigerants including ammonia. In addition to compressors, condensing units and pressure vessels are also part of BITZER’s product range, which is supplied around the world by more than 30 subsidiaries operating in 90 different countries on five continents.


By Janaina Topley Lira

May 28, 2014, 11:35

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