Chillventa: IIAR discusses naturals in South America at eurammon side event

By Alexandra Maratou, Oct 19, 2012, 13:22 1 minute reading

A forum organised by eurammon on 10 October 2012 during Chillventa HVAC&R trade fair, discussed the situation of natural refrigerants in different regions. Paul Bishop of Parker Hannifin and IIAR International Committee Chairman updated participants on trends in South America, as well as IIAR activities in the region such as the recently held seminars in Argentina, Chile and Peru and the contribution to an initiative in Chile to create national guidelines for ammonia.

IIAR seminars hosted in Argentina, Chile and Peru

In an effort to bring ammonia training to South America, the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) organised three seminars in summer 2012 in Argentina, Chile and Peru. The host countries were selected for their geographic proximity and the importance of industrial ammonia refrigeration technology to local industries such as the meat industry in Argentina and the fishing industry in the coastal regions of Chile and Peru.

Refrigerant trends in South America

From its work in South America, IIAR has observed the following trends:
  • R22 still popular: there are many places where ammonia might be found in part of the facility and R22 can be found in other parts where there is processing
  • Ammonia is the choice of the naturals in industrial applications
  • Not much development yet with CO2 in industrial applications but certainly a lot of interest, though it is definitely being used in commercial applications.

South American associations active in natural refrigerants

The IIAR has created new alliances in South America, in particular with:
  • ATEC which represents Ecuador’s refrigeration and AC industries
  • ACAIRE (Asociación Colombiana del Acondicionamiento del Aire y la Refrigeración) Colombian association of AC&R
  • FAIAR Portugal, Spain, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay
  • CCR Chilean Chamber of Refrigeration

Chilean initiative to create national guidelines for ammonia

The Chilean Chamber of Refrigeration has taken up the initiative to create national guidelines for the use of ammonia refrigeration for operations and maintenance, system design, education and emergency response.

This effort to which IIAR is contributing, started as a result of recent incidents in Chile involving ammonia refrigeration systems, which highlighted the need for a greater emphasis on ammonia safety in the industry. 


By Alexandra Maratou

Oct 19, 2012, 13:22

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