Latest research in ammonia compressors, heat pumps and chillers at GL2012

By Clémence Girard-Reydet, Jun 26, 2012, 17:22 2 minute reading

Ammonia heat pumps in smaller applications, new high efficient piston compressors or the use of ammonia from an end-user perspective are just some of the topics covered at the 10th edition of the Gustav Lorentzen Conference taking place in the Netherlands. is on site to report on and summarise the latest research results and developments for you.

Over 280 local participants and international delegates gathered in Delft, the Netherlands to discuss until Wednesday what are the latest updates on recent developments in relation to the natural refrigerants ammonia, hydrocarbons, CO2, air and water.

130 papers from authors of 31 countries will be presented including the following 2 sessions on ammonia:

Session on NH3 Compressors
  • New capacity control for ammonia chiller screw compressors with high part load efficiency, Dmytro Zaytsev
  • New high efficient piston compressors for NH3, George Bon
  • Dedicated compressor technology for a next generation domestic heat pump, Edo Bart Wissink

Read the first article summarising the presentations from this session: GL2012 2nd day presentations: focus on NH3 compressors (29 June 2012)

NH3 Heat Pumps / Chillers
  • Small ammonia heat pump with variable speed compressor
  • Industrial chillers with ammonia as refrigerant: an end-user perspective, René van Gerwen and Subhankar Raha
  • Combining the use of thermal storage and indirect evaporative cooling to minimize the installed chiller capacity, Gert Nielsen

Read the second article summarising the presentations from this session: GL2012 3rd day presentations: focus on household NH3 heat pumps and industrial chillers (04 July 2012)

High temperature heat pumps
  • Ammonia and carbon dioxide heat pumps for heat recovery in industry Wiebke Brix, Stefan W. Christensen et al.
  • Industrial-sized, high- temperature heat pumps: technologies and application Lars Reinholdt, Michael Markussen, Tage Petersen, Peter Brondum
  • Practical experience with ammonia add on heat pumps Jan Gerritsen

Over the coming days, will be summarising the presentations for you.

Technical tours

In addition to the 3-day programme, there will be several organised technical tours on Thursday, 28 June. We will also update you on the following tours:

Ice rink Sportboulevard: The ice rink, in Dordrecht, operating with ammonia, and equipped with heat recovery supplying a swimming pool, will be in operation during the visit, Design engineer from the contractor GEA/Grenco will present background information and will guide the tour. The ice rink was hosting the final of the short track in February 2012 and will be the place where the Island Cup Games will be organized from 9 to 11 September 2012.

Training centre natural refrigerants: In the PTC+ institute for refrigeration education a real plant, containing the natural refrigerants NH3, CO2 and Propane is used to educate technicians and end users in the proper and safe handling of these refrigerants and to teach them the specific ways to control plants with natural refrigerants.


By Clémence Girard-Reydet

Jun 26, 2012, 17:22

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