Danfoss presents solution for secondary systems with NH3 and CO2

By Sabine Lobnig, Dec 01, 2009, 11:32 2 minute reading

The leading supplier of refrigeration solution is presenting the solution for ammonia/CO2 secondary systems. Investing in a CO2 fluid system today can be a good way to protect from ever-increasing energy prices over the next 10-15 years.

Research has shown that installation of an ammonia refrigeration system using CO2 as the secondary coolant is no more expensive than a system installed using ammonia and water-based brine/glycol. For an experienced installation company it can be cheaper to do a 500 kW refrigeration installation for cold storage using CO2 than a water-based secondary cooling system. Moreover, combining the two natural refrigerants is the best way to save energy, reduce the costs and protect the environment at the same time.

Recognising ammonia as one of the best existing refrigerants, combining excellent environmental properties and high-energy efficiency, Danfoss offers a whole product portfolio specialised for both ammonia and CO2 in fluid and cascade applications. The valves and controls for industrial use offer the well-known Danfoss quality and feature high efficiency and cost optimisation while being easy to install and to adjust.

The Products

All presented products are designed for Industrial refrigeration applications for a maximum working pressure of 52 bar. In addition, the components feature the following characteristics:
  • ICF control solution: Incorporates several functions in one housing, which can replace a series of conventional mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronically operated valves. Designed for low and high pressure refrigerants, especially suitable for ammonia cascade systems.
  • ICM motor valves: Direct operated motorised valves driven by actuator type ICAD (Industrial Control Actuator with Display). Designed to regulate an expansion process in liquid lines with or without phase change or control pressure or temperature in dry and wet suction lines and hot gas lines.
  • SVA stop valves: SVA are angle way and straightway stop valves, which are designed to meet all industrial refrigeration application requirements. The valves are designed to give favourable flow characteristics and are easy to dismantle and repair when necessary. The valve cone is designed to ensure perfect closing.
  • AKD 102 ADAP-KOOL® Drive: The drive is designed to make commissioning and installation a simple and easy task. The drive comes with a common user interface, which covers all power ratings between 1.1 - 250 kW and can be supplied in various protection classes.
About Danfoss

The Danfoss group is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, with its business activities divided into three main areas: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heating & Water, and Motion Controls. The product portfolio of its Refrigeration and Air Conditioning division includes all thinkable variants of products to be used in NH3 plants, such as automatic controls, all kind of valves and electronic controls and sensors.


By Sabine Lobnig

Dec 01, 2009, 11:32

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