Wanted: Your input for a global ammonia community tool

By Sabine Lobnig, Feb 24, 2010, 10:25 3 minute reading

The ammonia21.com development team is working hard on an online community platform to seize business opportunities, exchange knowledge, and drive the use of R717 in different applications. Tell us today which features you would need to make best use of the upcoming networking tool.

ammonia21.com will soon take another big step to help the ammonia business community communicate with each other and help drive the safe and efficient use of NH3 in heating and cooling applications. A new business networking tool will be added to the platform later this year to support its members in maintaining good business partnerships, in finding new valuable contacts, and exploit new opportunities from a proactive use of the community platform.

The networking tool currently under development aims to support you in extending your reach, building a stronger professional network inside the ammonia HVAC&R community, and linking with valuable individuals to influence the market uptake of ammonia solutions.

A global networking tool

The ammonia21.com development team is currently working on the early launch of an effective networking tool that is user-friendly while being helpful for all new and existing members. The following elements are planned as key components of the ammonia21.com community:

  • Modular concept: The community tool will be based on a modular concept where around the core elements new tools and services will be added step by step. This allows for a high customisation of your profile page and for the gradual integration of applications most valuable to you.
  • Contacts Network: On your individual profile page you will see what contacts in your professional network have said, done, or changed since your last visit. This function keeps you informed about what persons relevant to your activities are working on or discussing. Similarly, you can send short text messages to your network and/or post comments to appear directly on your twitter account.
Based on criteria taken from information voluntarily provided by its members, ammonia21.com will suggest “People you may know” to expand your professional network and seize more potential business opportunities and exchange knowledge.

  • Events & Meetings: An integrated events list lets you spot other individuals attending the same conferences and seminars as you. Contact them and set up meetings before travelling to a certain event to optimise your business trip, justify travel costs and emissions.
  • Social Media & Audio-Visuals: The ammonia21.com community will integrate leading social media tools, including youTube, flickr, slideshare and twitter to spread videos, audio files, presentations and papers, as well as short text messages to a global online community. No matter if used for sharing knowledge or boosting the visibility for your products and solutions – audio-visual content will help to get your message across.
  • Message Board: If you are looking for project partners, new business opportunities, the solution to a technical problem, or any other advice in the field of ammonia technology, use the message board to talk to the community. By sharing ideas, exchanging knowledge, and generating discussions you will extend your reach and proactively drive the market for ammonia.

What do you need?

Why would you use the ammonia21.com community, would you link the networking tool with those for other natural refrigerants, and which features would be most important to you to reach the right persons and stay up to date on latest discussions affecting your industry? Please take our short survey, give us your feedback, and help us make the ammonia21.com community a valuable tool right from the start. Please feel also free to send us an email to info@ammonia21.com .


By Sabine Lobnig

Feb 24, 2010, 10:25

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