Reciprocating Compressor for Industrial Refrigeration

The 450XL compressor can operate with ammonia, halocarbon and even some hydrocarbon refrigerants. It works in extreme applications with up to a 250# pressure differential. It can be belt-driven up to 300 bhp or direct driven all the way up to 375 bhp.


The versatile Vilter 450XL compressor is now even better.
While retaining all of the features that are exclusive to Vilter compressors, several design improvements have been made:

  • Piston
  • Connecting rod and bearing insert
  • Crankshaft
  • Safety head
  • Capacity reduction system

Even with all these built-in features, you’ll still find the 450XL compressor to be extremely cost-efficient. It has a whopping 50-cfm/cylinder displacement while running at 1200 RPM. And the high isentropic efficiency means its bhp/ton is second to none when compared to other compression systems on the market today.

The 450XL compressor can be installed almost anywhere, even on an upper floor if necessary, since vibration is kept to a minimum. Noise level is low too, due to the use of quick-acting, precise ring plate suction and discharge valves.

Main Features

  • Single Casting Frame: The single casting frame incorporates suction and discharge manifolds plus bearing supports. It’s cast to exacting tolerances from a high grade of cast iron to withstand extreme changes in heat and pressure. The castings are notably free from porosity and internal strains, and display excellent wearing qualities.

  • Double Bellows Shaft Seal: The 450XL shaft seal, designed to specific Vilter specifications, is manufactured from materials strictly used for industrial refrigeration applications. Seal unit assembly consists of two opposed seals – one sealing from the atmosphere and the other from the crankcase. Mating seal surfaces are lubricated and cooled by circulated oil.

  • Connecting Rod Bearings: Vilter’s unique oil circuit drilling arrangement ensures proper hydrodynamic lubrication of insert bearings throughout the entire compression process. Rod bearings are specially designed to supply lubrication to the piston pin bushing at all times.

  • Heavy-Duty Crankshaft: An over-sized crankshaft pin diameter provides years of rugged, dependable duty, while the larger bearing surface allows for higher pressure differential capabilities.

  • Compression and Oil Rings: The 450XL piston ring set consists of three compression rings and a single, special oil scraper ring for keeping oil consumption to an absolute minimum.

  • Spring Loaded Safety Heads: Protect against liquid slugging by relieving internal cylinder pressure if cylinders are subjected to an incompressible fluid.

  • Suction and Discharge Porting: Maximum suction and discharge porting through the compressor achieves minimum pressure drop with valve plates that are made to exacting Vilter material and manufacturing requirements for long-term service.

  • Piston and Connecting Rod: The unique design of the piston and connecting rod assembly allows for movement only between the connecting rod bushing and piston pin, while providing positive lubrication throughout the entire compression cycle.

  • Double Tapered Roller Bearings: Energy-efficient roller bearings enable the compressor to be used for high suction pressure applications as well as high belt-drive horsepower requirements.

  • Tri-MicroTM Oil Filter: Removes 95% of contaminants as small as 3 microns in size. Allows full flow of oil at all times, resulting in reduced wear on compressor components. Combines extreme filtering capacity with the convenience of a throw-away recharge element. Filter is enclosed in a seamless drawn carbon steel shell with cast iron cover, and is equipped with a means for determining pressure drop across the filter.


Brochure: 450XL Compressor

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