• Low temperature refrigeration system
  • CO2 direct expansion cascade


Second NatureR - CO2 direct expansion cascade technology

Technical specifications
  • Direct expansion system with components and controls more familiar to contractors/operators
  • Direct expansion operation less sensitive to coil circuiting - easier to apply third party coils (cases)
  • CO2 discharge gas desuperheater can be used to improve energy performance
  • Primary system (upper cascade) can be used to cool other medium temperature loads for overall reduced refrigerant charge

  • Smaller line sizes than SNLT2 system and reduced insulation requirements for installed cost savings
  • Smaller footprint and lower weight than SNLT2 system
  • Lower CO2 charge than SNLT2 system
  • Hill PHOENIX SmartValveTM system for most economical application of electronic expansion valves

  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration

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