[WEBINAR] Zero net energy supermarkets: towards a sustainable future

Feb 22, 2019 - Feb 22, 2019 - in Brussels, Belgium

The sheccoBase webinar in partnership with Danfoss will provide the latest updates to help retailers to move towards zero net energy supermarkets.

Refrigeration accounts for about 60% of total energy use in supermarkets. The shift in refrigerants in supermarkets driven by the legislation as well as sustainability decisions of leading retailers creates an opportunity to make strategic choices about system architecture and integration of refrigeration systems with other technologies that reduce the overall energy demand of a store.
The progress towards zero net energy supermarkets can be realised through coupling cooling and heating systems of the store with renewable energy sources and linking the system into a district-heating network.

The webinar will elaborate on how retailers can move towards zero net energy supermarkets, while providing real case studies showcasing the success stories.


  • Identify trends, opportunities and challenges in moving towards zero net energy supermarkets while phasing out HFCs
  • Provide real case examples of zero net energy stores;


  • Krysztof Banasiak (Norwegian University of Science and Techonlogy) – overview of energy flows 
  • Dirk Leinweber (Danfoss) – the electrical side of supermarkets
  • Hans O. Matthiesen (Danfoss) - the supermarket as a “power plant”

The webinar will be moderated by Jonas Loholm Hamann from Danfoss and Klara Zolcer Skacanova from shecco.

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