International seminar: Combatting Climate change by Reducing Emissions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

Aug 28, 2018 - Aug 28, 2018 - in Helsinki, Finland

The aim of the seminar is to discuss the science and policy related to emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) in developing countries. will focus on black carbon and methane in particular, with an emphasis on the science of SLCP mitigation in Asia and Latin America. On the policy side, the seminar’s goals include discussing challenges and opportunities related to the strengthening of the regulation and governance of SLCPs.

SLCPs include black carbon, methane, tropospheric ozone and some hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). According to scientific estimates, reducing SLCP emissions will play an important role in achieving the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. In addition, SLCP mitigation can reduce local air pollution with health and economic benefits.
The ClimaSlow project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) in 2017-2021 and hosted by the Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL) of the Law School, University of Eastern Finland, with participation by the UEF Aerosol Physics Group.

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