ABOUT RV Cooling Tech S.L.U.

RV Cooling Tech projects itself around a new generation of solutions for industrial refrigeration. The company offers the highest energy efficiency combined with the most environmentally friendly techniques, as well as easy installation and maintenance of the units.

With a long inherited career in manufacturing and designing industrial refrigeration equipment, RV Cooling Tech aims for continuous research and product development as a sign of identity. With RV Cooling Tech, both the user and the installer are taken into account in the developments, becoming a reference brand in the sector.

The company's product range includes:
  • Screw Compressor Packages integrating compressors from the following brands: Bitzer, Howden and Mayekaya (Mycom)
  • Compact Refrigeration Chillers (Ecopack)
  • Auxiliary Elements (Vessels)

Everything is designed to fulfil the refrigeration requirements of different sectors such as: meat industry, fruit and vegetables, dairy, brewery, seafood, logistic and industrial.

RV Cooling Tech is specialised in the manufacture of Screw Compressor Packages, Compact Refrigeration Chillers (ECOPACK) and Auxiliary Elements for industrial refrigeration installations.

The unique attributes of the RV COOLING TECH products are:

  • Ammonia as refrigerant
  • Standard components chosen among the best brands of the market (Danfoss, AWP, Wika, Herl etc.)
  • Selection of elements with operating ranges above 10%
  • Wide range of optional to adequate to the specific necessities of each project
  • Easy installation
  • Suitably dimensioned to facilitate the transportation, both by road and by sea
  • Fully certified and documented

The characteristics of this range of products encompass: reliability, durability, flexibility, economy, easy replacement, easy integration and tight delivery dates. 


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