ABOUT NH3 Refrigeration, Ltd

NH3 Refrigeration Ltd, based in Newmarket, Suffolk was established in 1995 as a company specialising in Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration. NH3 designs, installs, commissions and maintains bespoke industrial refrigeration plants in the brewing, meat, logistical, petrochemical, agricultural and process industries.

NH3 thrives on providing client oriented service, tailored to each clients individual requirements. NH3 provides a consulting service ensuring that only the best and most up to date results are obtained, with particular interest in energy efficiency and heat reclaim.

NH3 has developed its own control system over a 20 year period, which is way ahead of its time, and provides our clients with all of the plant functionality anywhere on their network (This may be internet based). Plant changes and faults can be monitored and adjusted ensuring an extremely fast service.


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