Located in Klang, Malaysia Haisan is a leading turnkey fabricator-contractor of industrial refrigeration equipment in the region, with projects implemented and equipment installed in South East Asian countries. Haisan Refrigeration is well equipped with the tecnical know-how to undertake a wide-ranging turnkey refrigeration projects and has over 20 years of expereicne. 

Haisan Refrigeration's plants and equipment include:
  • Block ice plant
  • Tybe ice plant
  • Flake ice machine
  • Contact plate freezers
  • Air blast freezers
  • Instantaneous water chillers
  • Prefabricated coldstorage
  • Instant Quick Freezing(IQF) system
In addition, Haisan Refrigeration has a comprensive range of standard refrigeration products, accessories, and spare parts. We also offer to our customers a wide variety of used and reconditioned ammonia refrigeration equipment.


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