ABOUT Onda S.p.a.

Onda was founded in 1992 and has since then gained a leading position on the Italian and foreign markets with its production of various kinds of heat exchangers. Its main market used to be the refrigeration and airconditioning industries (HVACR) and thanks to its deep knowledge and know-how Onda may today count the most important international equipment manufacturers among its customers.

Onda produces shell & tube heat exchangers for various fields: From the refrigeration field (evaporators and condensors suitable for different kinds of refrigerants including NH3) to industrial applications (oil cooling, etc.) Capacities from 10 to 3.000 kW.

Today, over 20 years of experience as a heat exchanger manufacturer combined to excellent and proficient skills, Onda S.p.a. is able to respond to a great variety of applications coming from different markets.


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