ABOUT Hasegawa Refrigeration, Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1910, Hasegawa Refrigeration has been committed to the advancement of the refrigeration industry. Hasegawa manufactured the first horizontal reciprocating refrigeration compressor for use with ammonia in 1921 and continues to provide the highest quality refrigeration equipment even today. Hasegawa’s supply of creative and innovative products and applications has fulfilled the specific requirements of millions of customers worldwide.

The focus has never been limited to the development and manufacture of the Hasegawa Surely line of refrigeration compressors, but to providing expert service and maintenance for cooling and heating applications throughout the world.

In taking an active role in the research and development of refrigeration equipment for the seafood industry, food & beverage industry, meat & poultry industry, chemical & pharmaceutical industry and countless other industries, Hasegawa has proven its commitment to the industry.


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