Founded in 1956, Robur today is a leading manufacturer whose mission is to offer energy-efficient, gas-fired heating and cooling solutions capable of significantly reducing environmental impact. The company achieves this mission through an ongoing, practical commitment to research, innovation, respect for people and respect for the environment.

Using up to 40% of renewable energy (air, ground or water- source), Robur heating systems are the most profitable investment to increase the value of the building.

Robur uses Ammonia as refrigerant in GasAbsorptionHeatPump technology. Ammonia is for ROBUR the refrigerant of choice (we are 100% focused on NH3)

The company produces (in high volume) HEATPUMPs (and chillers) based on this thermodynamic principle. Water Ammonia solution used in the cycle allows to generate heat with an efficiency on primary energy up to 170% (comparable to a COP of 4 for compression equipment).

Projects designed by Robur have an ammonia content between 7 to 4 kg of ammonia each, they are PED certified, CE and ASME marked. These products are intended for outdoor installation.

Robur S.p.A. figures

The heart and driving force behind the research and development effort is the Zingonia Management Centre near Bergamo, site of Robur’s headquarters and of its manufacturing facilities. Here the company developed and implemented, over time, the overall commitment to Total Quality that characterizes Robur’s quality policy and its mission. With a turnover of 37 Mio Euro, the company invests about 7% on R&D.


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