J&E Hall becomes partner on ammonia21

By Rico Meyn, Feb 26, 2019, 15:42 2 minute reading

The company has a tradition of working with ammonia for over a century.

Ammonia21 is delighted to welcome J&E Hall as a partner. The British company has over 120 years of experience in refrigeration and has worked with ammonia for over a century. Today, the company sees ammonia refrigeration as an effective solution to “change the world and make it a better place,” according to Helen Jerram, marketing manager at J&E Hall. 

The company is especially proud of an installation at a children’s hospital in London with ammonia air conditioning in the facilities and critical operation theatres. It has also installed an R717 system for a district heating project in Switzerland. A 2.4 MW single screw compressor cools hydroelectric turbines and provides water at 70°C for a housing complex. According to the company, the performance of the heat pump exceeded the expectations of the project consultants and the end user. 

The British firm currently plans to install ammonia heat pumps in Switzerland and the UK as well as making low-charge ammonia installations in the UK. The portfolio of J&E Hall includes HallScrew-branded compressors and HallScrew compressor packs, low-charge ammonia chillers, heat pumps and bespoke refrigeration packages to customer specifications. 

Improving public recognition of ammonia’s efficiency benefits and safety while simultaneously attracting young professionals to keep innovating with the technology is critical to ensuring ammonia’s continued success, Jerram told this website. Innovation and improved designs should “achieve even more cost-effective solutions”. 

The refrigerant will play a bigger role in several heating and cooling applications, she told ammonia21.com, citing the examples of very low-charge chillers for air conditioning and district heat pumps. 

J&E Hall says that NH3 is already a well-established refrigerant in the food and beverage industry worldwide. It predicts growth in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sector, where HFCs used to be the predominant choice. The leisure industry, such as ice rinks, has also experienced increased market share for ammonia. Last, but not least, ammonia heat pumps are used more frequently in wider applications.  

By Rico Meyn

Feb 26, 2019, 15:42

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