sheccoTV News: Episode 10

The latest episode covers an Australian virtual reality safety course on natural refrigerants and Mexico’s first CO2 transcritical system.

Last week shecco (publisher of this website) released the tenth episode of ‘sheccoTV News’ on its YouTube channel sheccoTV.

The weekly roundup of news from its industry leading websites, and is produced by shecco’s multimedia reporter Charlotte McLaughlin, and presented by Margot Goles-Macesic, shecco’s social media officer.

The episode focuses on the news that TAFE SA (the Technical and further education school in South Australia) has created a new virtual reality program to help students studying refrigeration identify malfunctions in the machinery room.

The show also covers the news that the Mexican retailer, Casa Ley, has become the first supermarket operator in the country to install CO2 transcritical system.

Each week we will post a sheccoTV News video to our YouTube channel. See you next week!  

By Margot Goles-Macesic

Oct 01, 2018, 11:46

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