Accelerate America podcast: August episode

By Michael Garry, Sep 13, 2017, 12:35 1 minute reading

This episode includes a discussion of three key articles and an interview with André Patenaude of Emerson.

Brought to you by shecco Media and Emerson, the Accelerate America podcast provides a roundup of the most important natural refrigerants news from the USA along with exclusive interviews with industry leaders.

This podcast talks about the three key articles from the August edition of Accelerate America magazine. Derek Hamilton, technical editor of Accelerate America, and Michael Garry, editor of Accelerate America and North American editor at shecco, discuss the role of the contractor.

The cover story is on Source Refrigeration – led by its chief engineer Bryan Beitler – and how the company is helping food retailers and others transition to natural refrigerant systems through installations, training and industry initiatives. 

This podcast also covers an interesting discussion on the ultimate effect of a U.S. court ruling on on the EPA’s ability to regulate HFCs, asking whether the momentum for natural refrigerants undiminished by the ruling. The podcast’s special guest for this edition, André Patenaude from Emerson, gives his thoughts on the ruling as well.

This Accelerate America podcast also delves into how natural refrigerant enthusiasts can take advantage of the energy efficiency of the systems they install to take advantage of US utility incentives and rebates.

By Michael Garry

Sep 13, 2017, 12:35

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