Watch our ammonia video coverage from Refrigeration 2017

Natural refrigerant ammonia was discussed extensively at AIRAH’s Refrigeration 2017 conference. Watch our coverage here!

Refrigeration 2017 took place at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on 27-28 March

AIRAH’s Refrigeration 2017 conference saw over 140 stakeholders and representatives from Australia and New Zealand’s refrigeration industry gather in Melbourne, Australia over two days to discuss the current state of the industry in light of global HFC phase-down developments. had a quick chat with some of the attendees.

Interview with Stefan Jensen, Managing Director, Scantec Refrigeration Technologies

Interview with Bruce Nelson, President, Colmac Coil

Bruce Nelson discusses low-charge ammonia systems in the Australian market.

Bruce Nelson discusses the state of current policy and regulation regarding natural refrigerants.

Interview with Greg Clements, Head of Sales, GEA

At Refrigeration 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, Greg Clements discusses GEA’s latest natural refrigerant compressor developments for critically charged ammonia chillers in industrial applications.

By Devin Yoshimoto

Apr 03, 2017, 19:10

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