Welcome to the revamped ammonia21.com!

By Andrew Williams, Oct 07, 2016, 10:22 1 minute reading

updated at: Oct 08, 2016, 11:21

Ammonia21.com – the leading media platform for global news related to ammonia technology – is proud to present its new face to the world.

“Ammonia21.com has become the absolute reference to everything related to the use of ammonia as a natural refrigerant. We are excited to present a revamped version of ammonia21.com, based on feedback obtained from users and partners. We will be looking forward to presenting it soon at Chillventa, and improving it further over the coming months,” said Marc Chasserot, CEO of shecco and publisher of ammonia21.com.

The new version of ammonia21.com combines exciting new features with a simplified, tag-based structure.  

New features include:

  • Improved functionality and design
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly
  • Full social media integration
  • Interactive multimedia content

"The ammonia industry is going through huge change. There are many new opportunities for ammonia in the HVAC&R industry of tomorrow. We want the 100% new ammonia21.com to be the platform to lead the way. Our reporting will be global, mobile-friendly, multimedia and optimised for social media. With our industry leading partners to support us, the future is bright for ammonia,” Chasserot said. 

News articles and quotes can now be shared easily on social media. All our online content – including research papers and presentations – is freely available. No need to register!

Our smartphone and tablet-optimised design allows you to access the website anywhere, anytime. 

“Ammonia21.com has become the absolute reference for everything related to the use of ammonia as a natural refrigerant."
- Marc Chasserot, CEO, shecco

Happy reading!

By Andrew Williams

Oct 07, 2016, 10:22

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