Western Gateway: First to use Evapcold

By ammonia21.com team, Jan 08, 2016, 12:24 1 minute reading

Utah-based Western Gateway Storage has become the first purchaser of the new Evapcold, packaged, low-charge ammonia refrigeration system from Evapco. It plans to install the system at a new 30,000-square-foot cold storage facility in February 2016.

Evapcold is a complete family of self-contained low-charge ammonia refrigeration units (over 250 models) specifically designed for cold storage applications. Western Gateway, based in Ogden, Utah, recently placed a purchase order for two Evapcold units. Their new cold storage facility will become the first to use Evapcold units.

Each Evapcold unit — which is 42-feet, 7-inches long, 10-feet, 10-inches wide and nine-feet, seven-inches high — contains 290 lbs. of ammonia, and can provide 70 TR of cooling (4.1 lbs./TR), for a total of 140 TR. The Western Gateway facility’s cooling load is 100 TR.

Western Gateway executives believe that Evapcold provides significant advantages over a traditional centralised ammonia refrigeration system, including reduced installation time (300 hours as opposed to 4,000), reduced liability for the contractor, easier operation, and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, the packaged system can go on the roof, saving valuable floor space.

Western Gateway was also attracted by the notion that packaged low-charge ammonia systems are safer, and will reduce its regulatory burden; a centralised, stick-built system would have had thousands of pounds of ammonia piped throughout the facility; now the ammonia is contained on two sites.

By ammonia21.com team (@ammonia21)

Jan 08, 2016, 12:24

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