Star Refrigeration delivers two UK food providers with new eco-friendly industrial refrigeration systems

By Robert Davidson, May 13, 2015, 14:56 2 minute reading

FarmFoods chose Star Refrigeration to install an eco-friendly industrial refrigeration system in their southern distribution centre. The system utilises ammonia as a refrigerant, which replaces and betters the performance of HFC systems. This installation follows Star Refrigeration’s other installation for Brakes’ cold storage facility, which was able to reduce the refrigerant charge from 5,000kg to just 188kg.

Star Refrigeration has been busy this year, with two large distribution centre installations. Both are located in the southern half of England, with one in the West Country and the other just outside London, in suburban Hertfordshire. Both distribution centres utilise ammonia as the refrigerant and use Star Refrigeration’s Azanefreezer.

Farmfoods moves to greener pastures with new ammonia distribution centre

Star Refrigeration’s cold storage installation for Farmfoods required the design and installation of two modular coldstore Azanechiller packages and a chillstore Azanefreezer package. These were designed to be able to be expanded upon in case of additional loads in the future.

The installation by Star Refrigeration not only provides Farmfoods with an environmentally friendly cold storage centre but also has many other benefits, including:

  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Utilises waste heat to provide underfloor heating

In addition to these advantages, Star Refrigeration’s packaged design and careful industrial component selection has a very low refrigerant charge. The design also means that all ammonia is contained within the chiller, outside the production facility, resulting in a refrigerant charge of as little as 0.1kg per kW.

Star puts a stop to high refrigerant charges in Brakes’ new cold storage facility

Brakes is a frozen and chilled food supplier to the UK foodservice industry and the nature of this business requires an array of cold storage facilities. One of these facilities, located in Bishop Stortford, has recently been replaced by a new system provided by Star Refrigeration. The previous facility – which had come to the end of its operational 40-year life span – had a refrigerant charge of 5,000kg and one of the cardinal requirements for this project was to reduce the refrigerant charge. The other key requirement was to improve the operating efficiency.

Star Refrigeration succeeded in both of these challenges by installing a 250kW capacity Azanefreezer. This freezer supplies cooling to a frozen food cold store at Brakes’ distribution centre and cooling is supplied at -25oC via two ceiling evaporators. The energy-efficient design will help Brakes to reduce their running costs and also cut greenhouse gas emissions through the use of ammonia. The Azanefreezer also reduced the refrigerant charge to just 188kg, a reduction of over 96%.

About Star Refrigeration

Founded in 1970 in Glasgow, Star Refrigeration has grown to be one of the UK’s largest independent industrial refrigeration engineering companies. Renowned for innovation, it continuously pushes forward the boundaries of environmentally focused refrigeration and air conditioning. Star is a Total Solutions Provider, working in partnership with customers from design through to commissioning and maintenance. Its cooling solutions enable end users to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and drive down lifecycle operating cost, while also ensuring environmental sustainability.


By Robert Davidson

May 13, 2015, 14:56

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