Güntner’s ammonia evaporators guarantee meat quality at Brazilian slaughterhouse 

By Caixia Mao, Nov 05, 2014, 14:35 2 minute reading

Brazil-based company Alibem Commercial de Alimentos Ltda, an international meat supplier, has installed Güntner ammonia evaporators with a total cooling capacity of 11,395 kW at its slaughterhouses in Rio Grande do Sul and Santo Angelo, to meet an increase in production capacity. The Güntner evaporators maintain the quality of the meat by ensuring minimum weight loss during processing, and provide energy savings.

Thanks to Güntner’s high efficiency ammonia evaporators, Brazilian slaughterhouse Alibem has been able to triple capacity, from 1000 pigs per day in 2004 to 5,300 pigs in 2014, whilst keeping the plant’s energy consumption as low as possible.
Energy efficient meat production facility uses 35 Güntner ammonia evaporators
For the first time Güntner was not only the component supplier for this project, but also worked with engineers on the technical plant design, as well as on designing the electric and mechanic installation of the entire plant.
With regards to model selection for the slaughterhouse installation, an important consideration was the size of the heat exchanger surface. The possibility of raising the evaporating temperature to reduce the driving temperature differences, and therefore reach the required temperature at low fan speeds was key, as this prevents excessive desiccation of the meat. In addition, energy consumption can be reduced because of low speeds. 
The following Güntner evaporators were installed: 
  • Freezing tunnel: six S-MAN 065 units with water defrost, hot gas defrost on coil and tray and double insulated tray.
  • Processing room: six S-AGHN 050 units with small industrial operator with re-heat coil (dehumidifier) and low noise level.
  • Storage room for frozen products: five S-AGHN 050 units with industrial evaporator, with water defrost, hot gas defrost on coil and tray and double insulated tray.
  • Polyvalent storage room (-10°C or -35°C): two S-AGHN 050 units with industrial evaporator with water defrost, hot gas defrost on coil and tray and double insulated tray.
  • Expedition and palletisation: ten S-AGHN 071 units with industrial evaporator, with re-heat coil (dehumidifier).
  • Carcass chilling room: six S-MAN 065 units with double insulated tray. The fan is used for external pressure drop and high volume air flow.

Güntner invests in R&D and expands manufacturing as natural refrigerant demand grows
In the summer of 2014 Güntner said it had set up new test facilities in Germany and Brazil as part of its investment in R & D, and would be expanding its product range to meet growing demand for natural refrigerants products.
About Güntner GmbH & Co. KG
Since its founding in 1931, in Munich, Germany, Güntner has advanced from repair service specialising in refrigeration equipment to a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning components and systems worldwide. Güntner supplies a myriad of environmentally friendly products including condensers, air coolers, dry coolers, controls and accessories, such as liquid receivers and air flow rectifiers. 


By Caixia Mao

Nov 05, 2014, 14:35

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