Star Refrigeration Roadshow – survey results show future of Refrigeration for large UK end users

By Janet Thompson, Sep 22, 2014, 10:59 2 minute reading

Star Refrigeration has published a full public report of the survey results collected during its September 2013 Roadshow to Glasgow, Leeds and Reading. The findings revealed that the UK’s larger users of cooling and heating, across a diverse number of industry sectors, are planning to reduce their CO2 footprint by using heat recovery, improving monitoring and maintenance and replacing R22.

Star Refrigeration’s survey report, An insight into the Plans and Concerns of Industrial Cooling & Heating Users in the UK, summarises the key findings and feedback received from attendees during the company’s Roadshow in September 2013, which toured Glasgow, Leeds and Reading offering free advice on energy efficiency and legislation for industrial refrigeration and heating solutions. The report covers sector specific trends in several fields including building services, food & drinks production, storage and distribution, facilities management, data centres or IT cooling, leisure, construction, consultancy, healthcare, petrochemical, district heating and retail.

Managing energy efficiency and R22 phase out are issues of most concern for end users

The survey asked users of industrial refrigeration and heating solutions to identify issues affecting their current plants and to state their maintenance and installation plans for 2014. The majority of survey respondents held decision-making positions within their company.

Survey results showed the issues of most concern for end users regarding their current cooling and heating systems was coping with energy efficiency challenges. The cost of plant operation and R22 replacement followed close behind as top worries for end users. For the storage and distribution sector, the most pressing concern was the phase-out of R22, while for the building services industry energy efficiency ranked highest. The food industry sector was divided on which issues most affect their business; however, system reliability was sited as the most problematic area.

Cost not the only consideration when purchasing

The report also stated that, for large users of refrigeration and heating equipment, cost was an important factor taken into account when comparing solutions before purchasing. However, most industry sectors based their decision making process on total life cycle cost, performance/quality, energy efficiency and reliability rather than just on low cost, revealing a trend to suppress the marginal value of low capital investment.

About Star Refrigeration

Founded in 1970 in Glasgow, Star Refrigeration has grown to be one of the UK’s largest independent industrial refrigeration engineering companies. Renowned for innovation, it continuously pushes forward the boundaries of environmentally focused refrigeration and air conditioning. Star is a Total Solutions Provider, working in partnership with customers from design through to commissioning and maintenance. Its cooling solutions enable end users to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and drive down lifecycle operating cost, while also ensuring environmental sustainability.


By Janet Thompson

Sep 22, 2014, 10:59

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