N. American HVAC&R stakeholders urged to take natural refrigerant survey

By Elke Milner, Jul 28, 2014, 12:18 2 minute reading

shecco has officially launched the 2014 North American HVAC&R industry survey on natural refrigerants. The survey is designed to collect valuable HVAC&R industry data regarding market, policy and research and development relating to the use of CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and air as refrigerants. Results will be published in the second GUIDE North America 2014: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential, a follow-up publication to the popul

  • What will the CO2 commercial refrigeration landscape look like by 2020?
  • How do North American end-users view natural refrigerants?
  • Will the market for hydrocarbons in light commercial refrigeration take off? 
These are just some of the questions that shecco hopes to answer with the launch of its latest industry survey. Distributed this July, shecco’s 2014 North American HVAC&R survey aims to gather information for the second edition of its popular and free GUIDE North America publications, scheduled for release later this year. The survey aims to enhance understanding of the overall North American heating, air conditioning and refrigeration markets with particular emphasis on the market potential for natural refrigerants. The 2014 GUIDE will put a special focus on commerical, light commerical and industrial refrigeration.
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The survey is addressed to all industry experts and end users with operations in Canada, Mexico and the United States. While the focus of the questionnaire is the market potential for natural refrigerants, shecco is keen to hear from all industry stakeholders, including those not yet active in natural refrigerant solutions, in order to draw an accurate picture of the current landscape. The more than 500 respondents to the 2013 survey are encouraged to participate again. Respondents are also encouraged to forward the survey to colleagues in order to develop a comprehensive sample.
Topics covered
  • Use of natural refrigerants today, by 2020 and by 2025, per application
  • Share of products and services and research and development activities related to natural refrigerants – today and by 2020
  • Cooperation partners for research and development activities
  • Market share of natural and traditional refrigerants
  • Purchasing criteria for end users, compatibility of NR with these
  • Impact of policy on market development
  • Barriers to market development for NR

Results to be published later this year
The results of the survey will be published as part of the GUIDE North America 2014: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential, an update to the 2013 publication of the same name. 
The GUIDE publications provide a general overview of the HVAC&R market and analyse the survey results in a clear and easy-to-read format, whose data has been widely quoted and referenced around the world. The GUIDEs are an invaluable tool for companies and organisations to gain insights around natural refrigerant trends and better engage and respond to customer needs.
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As extra incentive to participate, respondents will be kept up-to-date with the results and progress of the survey and GUIDE publication, and organisations that complete the questionnaire will be eligible to be included in the business directory of the GUIDE.

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By Elke Milner

Jul 28, 2014, 12:18

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