DSI horizontal plate freezer: new single-station opening model

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Jun 05, 2014, 12:27 2 minute reading

DSI, a Danish manufacturer of automatic and manually operated freezers for onshore and marine applications, showcased its new Horizontal Plate Freezer model at the Brussels Seafood Expo 2014. The redesigned product offers instant freezing capability and is made with a galvanised steel frame and hydraulic rams that ensure stable and even plate pressure. + VIDEO

The new DSI HS Plate Freezer using natural refrigerant ammonia (R717) is designed to work either as a stand-alone unit and be manually loaded and unloaded, or integrated in a process line for packed products in trays or cartons, with automated loading or unloading.

Fast and efficient double contact plate freezing

Double contact with the product packaging makes for cost efficient and rapid freezing; furthermore, the fast low temperature freezing maintains product quality, appearance and freshness. Hydraulic cylinders maintain a stable and even plate pressure on the product during the entire freezing phase.

New design– single station opening for continuous, uniform, rapid freezing

The new plate freezer design enables continuous freezing in uniform blocks, thanks to only one station being open while loading and unloading, so as to optimise energy efficiency.

The plate freezer is made with a heavy-duty hotdip galvanised steel frame, easy to maintain and clean. The particular surface structure prevents dents and marks in the product packaging.

Mads Sigsgaard, Regional Sales Manager for DSI, comments:

The first installations of the Horizontal Process Freezer are operating very well and to the satisfaction of the customers. With the production experience gained over the last year we have further improved the freezers with a more simple and safer opening system, maintaining the benefits of freezing the product directly from the production line. This ensures that the quality of the frozen products is the best possible.”

 Basic specifications:

  • Uses ammonia (R717)
  • Number of freezing stations: from 6-24
  • Sea-water resistant aluminium alloy, approved for contact with food
  • Standard plate pressure: 0.4bar (5,5 Psi)
  • Motors and cylinders are hydraulic
  • Hydraulic pump with manoeuvre valves included in delivery
  • Low total height (as the opening is only one station)
  • Plate thickness from 22MM–30MM
  • Dimensions from 1550 x 1120MM (61’’x 44’’)-2440 x 1650MM (96’’x 65’’)
  • Approvals CE – DNV – Russian Maritime Register – Russian GOST – EU type

About DSI

Founded in 1969, DSI (A/S Dybvad Stål Industri) manufactures various industrial plate freezers including, vertical, horizontal, PFP self-contained and automatic models for onshore and marine applications. Made in Denmark, DSI’s products are designed to optimise operating performance and cost, and are available worldwide.

Meet DSI at these upcoming exhibitions!

  • FOODPRO 2014, Melbourne, Australia from 22-25 June: Vertical Plate Freezer on display at the MILMEQ booth (K8)
  • Nor-Fishing 2014, Tronheim, Norway, from 19-22 August: V16 Vertical Plate Freezer will be on display at the Danish Export Association booth (D-363)


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Jun 05, 2014, 12:27

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