UPDATED: Latest technology from Bitzer and Mayekawa on show at IIAR

By Elke Milner, Apr 02, 2014, 11:40 4 minute reading

The IIAR 2014 Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment show took place from 23 – 26 March in Nashville, Tennessee. On display were the latest equipment, products, services and technologies available in industrial refrigeration. ammonia21.com reporters were on site to gather information from the Technomercial sessions about Mayekawa’s holistic approach to ammonia refrigeration solutions through innovation, integration and application and Bitzer’s newest compress

Bitzer premiere's ammonia compressor pack (ACP)

For the first time BITZER now offers a new range of compressor units for use with the natural refrigerant ammonia (R717). As a result, customers can now receive fully assembled, functional compressor units trhat are simple to install.

The BITZER ammonia compressor packs (ACP) are available with a capacity range of 100 to 450 TR. 
For higher capacities, by connecting as many as three compressor packs (up to 9 compressors) to a single controller, an overall capacity of up to 1200 TR can be achieved.

The racks feature three ammonia compressors with high system part load efficiency. The units are also available with a low charge economising option, which consists of a small, flooded, closed economizer system that allows cooling down to 50°C without having liquid return to the compressor.

The new product series will be launched in North and South America within the next few months, followed by Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Bitzer – efficiency in redundancy 

There is a backup system for every aspect of the ACP. For example, even the controller has an extra CPU. This ensures that if something fails, it is possible to simply start up the backup CPU, ensuring the system is up and running within just few seconds. 
Our cutomers cannot allow for downtime on the systems. The processes they manage are very often a hundred times more expensive than the equipment. So we focused on making a system where if one things fails, we can isolate it, repair it, and get it up running again without stopping the unit." John Ritman, 
Director Ammonia System Engineering at Bitzer.

The system also features a double oil filter, meaning there is a main oil filter, as well as an individual filter, in each of the compressors. This simplifies maintenance, as any one of the filters may be worked on without having to shut down the entire system. 
The system’s main compressor is a variable speed drive, which is able to operate at part load. This means that individual compressors can be turned on and off depending on requirmenets, ensuring the unit always operates at an optimum level.
A special oil cooler system allows the unit to operate at very low head pressure, an important feature for colder regions, because it allows the unit to be started up even when the condenser units are very cold.
There is also an electrical panel added to the unit. This "plug and play" system allows for easy start-up operation for customers.


Mayekawa: "Ammonia Reinvented"

Celebrating its 90th birthday, at this year’s IIAR conference in Nashville Mayekawa had as a central theme “Ammonia Reinvented”. Mark Tomooka, Engineering Manager from Mayekawa USA, who presented the company’s technomercial, explained that this birthday is significant as it inspires one to look both into the past and into the future.
We must be grounded in the tradition and history that reminds us of our core values, but also you have to ask yourself ‘What can I do to move forward?” Mark Tommoka, Director, Applied Technology Development at Mayekawa USA.
For those who are familiar with ammonia as a refrigerant, there is typically a positive reaction to the word, but for many others, there is a very different, often negative perception of ammonia. Tommoka noted that Mayekawa is working to fight this perception, but that it is also very important that it deals with it by maintaining the traditional strength of ammonia systems and addressing concerns that limit current applications. The “Ammonia Reinvented” theme combines both of these considerations, and crucially, allows current ammonia users to benefit from new technology. It expands the potential for use into new application fields and reduces barriers to adoption.
Innovation, Integration, Application
Tomooka presented three examples of Mayekawa’s approach to not only create new products, but to also integrate those products into efficient systems and to further follow up with data on efficiency increases resulting from the application of these systems. 
Last year, Mayekawa introduced the N8HKM semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, featuring a semi-hermetic induction motor available in 3 sizes. This compressor is based on the venerable K Series reciprocating platform. The compressor is integrated into the e5 Chiller, made for use with glycol or CO2 with 45-65 lbs charge. 
Tomooka also presented the NewTon semi-hermetic screw compressor with IPM motor, available with either a one- or two-stage option. This is integrated into the NewTon NH3/CO2 industrial refrigeration solution, designed for safe and efficient operation. The solution features mobile communication for predictive maintenance, thus eliminating the risk of failures.
Across various installations, the e5 chiller using the N8HKM compressor and the NewTon have both achieved significant efficiency gains compared to the replaced HCFC 22 systems.
The third Mayekawa innovation presented by Tommoka, was the highly efficient M series compressor, which features a large displacement and 0% unloading. The compressor is integrated into the M series package that features higher cfm/ft2, a PLC control panel and is used with VFD for maximum efficiency.  Applications using this technology experience a reduction of oil consumption. 


By Elke Milner

Apr 02, 2014, 11:40

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