ECO CHILL by CIMCO: efficiency solution for ice rink HVAC&R integration

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Dec 17, 2013, 16:15 2 minute reading

Designed for ice rinks, the function of the ECO CHILL integrated system is to maximise energy efficiency in sports arenas and any other refrigerated facilities by collecting and recycling energy used in order to maintain the ice surface, provide heating, hot water and more.

ECO CHILL is CIMCO’s most advanced and energy-efficient refrigeration system on the market. Using natural refrigerant ammonia (NH3), the system optimises energy processes especially in sports arenas, providing:

  • Energy to maintain the ice surface
  • Abundant heating for the building
  • Hot water for the showers
  • Under floor heating
  • Ice resurfacing and snow melting systems

Reducing overall energy costs

The priority of the ECO CHILL system is to reduce overall energy costs while maintaining superior ice surface quality. Computerised controllers gauge fluctuating heating loads over a 24-hour period and heat pump technology delivers more than 4kW of heat for every 1kW of energy input.

Flexible design

The modular design of the ECO CHILL allows operators to retrofit existing plants with energy conservation features normally only found in new arenas.

  • ECO CHILL PACKs include all standard refrigeration components including high-efficiency screw compressors, low refrigerant charge, compact stainless-steel plate & frame heat exchangers, and microprocessor controls. PACKs are available in capacities ranging from 50 TR through to 400 TR.
  • ECO SENSE CONTROL is the intelligent management and control mechanism of the complete HVAC&R system. This includes a state of the art infrared temperature control of the ice surface, event scheduling, and zone temperature control.
  • ICE-BATTERY energy boosting thermal storage allows the operator to take advantage of 100% of the heat available from the refrigeration systems, while adjusting to different heating requirements in the building.
Environmental advantage

Fully contained in the mechanical room, ECO CHILL PACKs do not require geo-thermal piping loops which eliminate the risk of ground-water contamination from leaks, and long-term environmental damage. Through natural refrigeration, heat reclaim and thermal storage, the burning of fossil fuels is minimised.


A division of Toromont Industries, CIMCO Refrigeration is a Canadian manufacturer specialised in the engineering, manufacturing, installation and servicing of industrial, process-cooling and recreational refrigeration systems. CIMCO also produces the components and products used in their systems, including: shell & tube heat exchangers, dehumidifiers, water tanks and pumping sets, micro compressor and relay logic control systems. 


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Dec 17, 2013, 16:15

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