CIMCO Refrigeration brings ECO-CHILL ice rink solutions to

By Clémence Girard-Reydet, Sep 12, 2013, 15:06 2 minute reading

A division of Toromont Industries, Canada, CIMCO Refrigeration specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial, process cooling and recreational refrigeration systems employing NH3. is pleased to welcome CIMCO Refrigeration as their newest Silver Partner.

CIMCO Refrigeration is one of Canada’s largest suppliers of industrial and recreational compression equipment, providing a full service-range from design and engineering, to installation and after-market servicing.

Their application areas of expertise include:
  • Cold storage and blast freezing
  • Process industries
  • Food & beverage
  • Recreational refrigeration including ice rinks

ECO CHILL technology for ice rinks

With over 100 years of experience in refrigeration systems for ice-rinks, CIMCO is most widely known for their NH3 ECO CHILL heat-pump technology.

ECO-CHILL collects and recycles energy used to maintain the ice’s surface, providing abundant heating for the facility, space heating, hot water for showers, under-floor heating, ice resurfacing and snow melting-systems. As temperatures in the recreational building fluctuate, heating is made available when most needed, resulting in a significant reduction of energy costs, in addition to the climate benefits of using natural refrigerant ammonia.

Director of Business Development for CIMCO Refrigeration, Benoit Rodier, says:
We have extended our total heat reclaim ECO-CHILL approach to the food and beverage market, where we combine also our ammonia heat pump for hot water production.

Ecological Initiatives at the Olympics

VANOC (2010 Vancouver Olympic Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games) commissioned CIMCO to design and construct all refrigerated venues including the curling rink, ice hockey arena, speed-skating oval and sliding center (luge, skeleton and bobsleigh). The high-efficiency ECO CHILL heat pump technology delivered more than 4 kW of heating power per 1 kW of power input, reducing energy consumption by almost half.

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We are pleased to be part of, we have been pushing the envelope of new technology and heat recovery in various thermal processes where refrigeration is needed. We will be present on this platform to share with this community our experience and development,” continues Rodier.

More about CIMCO

CIMCO was founded in 1913 as The Canadian Ice Machine Company Ltd. and in 1969 was purchased by Toromont Industries Ltd, a public Canadian company traded on the T.S.E. CIMCO Refrigeration’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Toronto, Ontario, with secondary assembly plants located in Alabama, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. The company has sales and service offices in every major city in Canada and various strategic locations covering the USA.


By Clémence Girard-Reydet

Sep 12, 2013, 15:06

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