UNIDO ATMOsphere announced as European Commission Green Week Satellite Event

By Janet Thompson, Apr 24, 2013, 15:00 2 minute reading

The UNIDO ATMOsphere Technology Summit, which will be held on 3-4 June in Vienna, Austria, has been selected as an official European Commission Green Week satellite event.

Green Week is the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, offering a unique opportunity for debate and exchanges of experiences and best practices. Over the past decade, the conference has become a can’t-miss event for anyone involved with protecting the environment. Last year, over 3.100 participants from government, business and industry, non-governmental organisations, academia and the media took part in the event.

This year, the main conference will be held from 4 to 7 June at the Egg Conference Centre in Brussels. Green week also incorporates awareness-raising satellite events around Europe, one of which will be the UNIDO ATMOsphere Technology Summit – Natural Solutions for Developing Countries.

UNIDO ATMOsphere – context and topicality

Although progress has been made in the last decades, several pollution indicators remain at unacceptably high levels, especially in the EU’s most densely populated areas. Globally, 70% of greenhouse emissions are generated in these areas. The heating and cooling sectors are some of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, many of which come from refrigerant emissions. As demand for refrigeration and air conditioning continues to increase, especially in developing countries, it is important to focus on natural refrigerants such as CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, air and water, which are neither ozone-depleting nor contribute to global warming. The use of these natural substances in the HVAC&R industry would allow for considerable greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Therefore, UNIDO ATMOsphere Technology Summit brings together key HVAC&R industry stakeholders, including end-users, manufacturers, government representatives, associations and more, from both developed and developing countries, to discuss natural solutions for the developing world.

About UNIDO ATMOsphere Technology Summit

For the first time, ATMOsphere is teaming up with a UN agency, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), to organise an international conference focusing exclusively on natural solutions for developing countries. Through panel discussions, case study presentations, workshops and more, the summit seeks to explore the opportunities and challenges faced when introducing natural refrigerants, as well as provide real-life, practical solutions for end-users and manufacturers from the developing world.

For more information about UNIDO ATMOsphere:

View UNIDO ATMOsphere programme

Visit UNIDO ATMOsphere event website

Register for UNIDO ATMOsphere

For more information about Green Week:

Visit European Commission Green Week website


By Janet Thompson

Apr 24, 2013, 15:00

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