Introducing: HB Products sensor allowing reduced NH3 Charge & DX Control

By Janet Thompson, Mar 13, 2013, 11:13 2 minute reading

HB Products will be introducing a revolutionary sensor to the US market, which allows for a reduced NH3 charge and is suitable for ammonia DX control, at this year’s IIAR conference in Colorado Springs.

The new sensor allows for a direct measurement of the gas quality in a two-phase ammonia flow. Designed to be mounted in the suction line, the sensor offers a precise online reading of the content of liquid in gas without any time delay. Several European companies were able catch a first glimpse of the sensor at the ChillVenta show. This year, AAIM Controls will be presenting HB’s sensor to the US market at the IIAR show in Colorado Springs.

Suitable for ammonia DX control

The instant reading from the sensor, in combination with a controller and a motor valve, has proven suitable for ammonia DX control. The first such systems have been designed in both Europe and the US, some of which have already been put into operation. The ability to measure and control the gas quality will allow for the construction of low charge ammonia DX systems, as well as decrease or even eliminate superheat. The energy savings associated with the elimination of superheat are unimaginable.

 Basic specifications

  • Refrigerant temperature: -50...+100°C
  • Max. operational pressure: 100 bar
  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • Increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption
  • No pressure drop

Quality testing

In addition to field tests, which date more than a year back, the Danish Technology Institute (DTI) has also been involved in laboratory testing. DTI plans to scale up tests and document the sensor’s performance later this year, while also investigating how the sensor will make it possible to create new, high-efficient evaporator systems.

A team effort

For the development of this sensor, HB is collaborating with AAIM Controls, a US company, which has great experience with controls and sensors. AAIM will be offering complete control and regulations systems consisting of control panels, the HB sensor and a regulation valve.

About HB Products

Specialising in the development and production of sensors for industrial refrigeration systems, the Danish company has, over the past 20 years, attained a strong global position in the industry. Apart from expertise in oil and refrigerant control, HB also has an extensive know-how in the design and optimisation of industrial refrigeration systems, which allows it to produce its high quality sensors.

For more information:

Please contact Mark Kristensen, or take to opportunity to visit AAIM Controls at the IIAR in Colorado Springs where Mark will also be present.


By Janet Thompson

Mar 13, 2013, 11:13

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