New GUIDE on NH3/CO2 Secondary Refrigeration Systems launched

By Janaina Topley Lira, Feb 26, 2013, 14:58 2 minute reading

Market development expert shecco has published a free report about the technical, safety and financial implications of using secondary refrigeration systems combining the use of ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigerants. The publication features several case studies from leading NH3-CO2 secondary system and component suppliers.

Titled “Examples of NH3/CO2 secondary systems for cold store operators” and endorsed by the “Sustainable Energy Europe” programme, the publication is the next in a series of shecco’s free publications to inform industry and policy decision makers about sustainable refrigeration technology that provide investment security at high efficiency and safety levels.
Market development company shecco has received valuable input from industry experts and researchers on the safe and energy-efficient operation of refrigeration systems for cold storage that would rely on the natural refrigerants ammonia and carbon dioxide. Since a first version was preliminary launched end-2012, an updated section on components (examples) and more case studies have been received. 
70% of energy consumption in each cold store is attributable to the refrigeration plant alone. The systems described in this GUIDE are part of a toolbox to achieve 20% and more energy savings, at negligible direct greenhouse gas emissions and high safety levels,” says Nina Masson, Head of Market Research, shecco.
Member of the European Parliament: “Keep searching for more solutions”
The publication features a foreword by Britta Thomson, Member of the European Parliament, where she notes that as regards ongoing climate change “huge efforts, good intentions and large ambitions have not yet solved the problem. We must keep searching for more solutions to decrease greenhouse gases.”
The publication’s chapters
Focusing on Europe, the publication highlights legislative, safety, technology, efficiency and cost aspects, in addition to listing various case studies. It features the following main chapters:
  • Cold Store Industry Profile: global growth trends; the European cold store market drivers; typical size of cold storage facilities and required temperature levels
  • Regulatory Framework: developments at the international level, the European Union level, and the national level
  • Secondary Systems in Industrial Refrigeration: about natural refrigerants
  • Technology – NH3/CO2 Secondary System: examples of key components of ammonia-CO2 pumped systems; environment; safety; costs
  • Best-Practice Guide for End-Users: considerations of CO2 unique properties; optimising operation efficiency through controls and other measures
  • Case Studies: seven real-life examples of secondary refrigeration systems
Send us your input
To send your feedback to the report you can contact shecco's market research team:
About shecco
shecco is an integrated Market Development expert supporting the introduction of climate friendly technologies. In the HVAC&R sector, its primary focus today is to facilitate the market uptake of heating and cooling solutions based on natural refrigerants.  


By Janaina Topley Lira

Feb 26, 2013, 14:58

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