Ammonia technology case studies at ATMOsphere Europe 2011

By Sabine Lobnig, Sep 07, 2011, 18:48 3 minute reading

With the latest figures for efficiency, costs as well as lessons learnt from their large ammonia heat pump at a Nestle food factory, Star Refrigeration is just one of the candidates presenting an innovative case study at ATMOsphere Europe 2011, the workshop on how to bring natural refrigerants faster to market.

After the call for case studies an overwhelming amount of interesting and innovative case studies were submitted. The organising committee is now proud to announce the selected Technology Case Study Presentations to be given at ATMOsphere Europe 2011 on 11 and 12 October in Brussels. Below you will find a summary of the case studies selected:
  • Rob Lamb, Star Refrigeration: NH3 large heat pump at Nestle factory:
Rob Lamb will present latest figures and efficiency results from several months of monitoring from their installation in the Nestle factory. This case study presents results from a high pressure heat pump solution using ammonia and screw compressors up to 90°C for reducing the Nestle Halifax factories refrigeration and heating energy demands. This enabled Star to comfortably take heat from the 0°C process glycol at -5°C and lift it to 60°C in one stage for heating. Nestle can save an estimated £143,000pa in heating costs, and 119,100kg in carbon emissions by using a Star Neatpump. Despite the new refrigeration plant providing both heating and cooling, it consumes £120,000 less electricity per annum than the previous cooling only plant.
  • Jan Boone, Mayekawa: Field case studies of industrial plants operating with natural refrigerants: Jan Boone will present an overview of case studies of industrial plants using also ammonia as refrigerant.
The other case studies to be presented at ATMOsphere Europe 2011: 
  • Carrier Transicold: Efficient and sustainable container refrigeration applications using CO2
  • Georges Khoury, SANDEN Manufacturing Europe: Development of a high efficiency CO2 Heat Pump for domestic hot water use in Europe
  • Alexander Cohr Pachai, Johnson Controls: R290 chillers and R600a heat pumps replacing a R22 system in a hospital
  • Gunnar Busse, Martin Graz, Obrist Engineering: New safety system for hydrocarbons in Mobile Air Conditioning
  • Gaku Shimada, Sanyo: High ambient energy efficient CO2 supermarket showcases
  • Raphael Gerber, Frigo-Consulting: Waste heat recovery with combined adsorption and transcritical CO2
  • Torben Funder-Kristensen, Danfoss: Energy consumption of second generation CO2 refrigeration system
  • Klaas Visser, KAV Consulting: The world’s first two stage CO2 transcritical refrigeration system at a food processing plant
  • Christian Heerup, DTI: Server room heat recovery and free cooling with CO2 and Propane
More details of the case studies you can find here on

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About ATMOsphere Europe 2011

NATURAL REFRIGERANTS FASTER TO EUROPE: Already for the third time, this international and interactive workshop on Natural Refrigerants will be organised in Brussels from Tuesday, 11 October to Wednesday, 12 October. This year the main focus will be on Europe: 180 policy and industry experts will come together to discuss strategies and concepts to bring natural refrigerants faster to Europe and beyond and also prove the business case for natural refrigerants. The ATMOsphere Europe 2011 programme will be a unique mix of European policy sessions, including the new F-Gas regulation and Ecodesign Directive and what it means for Natural Refrigerants as well as panel debates with European end-users (e.g. retailers, consumer brands) and 12 innovative technology case studies.

Besides enough time for networking during the 2 days, a reception and dinner will be organised for all participants on Tuesday night. To make ATMOsphere Europe a truly interactive event, moderated group discussions will accompany the sessions and networking meeting rooms will be available for individual meetings.


By Sabine Lobnig

Sep 07, 2011, 18:48

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