2011 Ammonia Refrigeration Technology Conference coming up

By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 23, 2011, 14:36 2 minute reading

The organisers of the 2011 Ammonia Refrigeration Technology Conference that will be taking place the 14-16 April 2011 in the Republic of Macedonia have issued a preliminary programme for the event. ammonia21.com will be reporting live from this event that aims to cover the current and future use of natural refrigerants.

Specific individual areas covered by the conference will include NH3/CO2 and other cascade systems, education and training for best practices and operating procedures, implications for cold stores, agro-food industries and supermarkets, as well as many aspects of ammonia technology.

Keynote speakers and presentations include the following:
  • Dr. Andy Pearson, Star Refrigeration and President of the IoR, “Opportunities for combined heating and cooling”
  • Gary Webster, Kraft Foods Global, Inc., “Designing ammonia systems for maintenance and safety”
  • Dr. Zahid Ayub, Isotherm Inc. and ASHRAE Research Committee, ”Recent developments in plate exchangers - Ammonia/Carbon-Dioxide cascade condenser”
  • Dr. Predrag Hrnjak, Member of the IIAR Board of Directors, “Low charged hermetic ammonia chillers
are excellent opportunity for air conditioning 
and indirect refrigeration”
  • Dr. John Thome, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), ”Two-phase flow and boiling of ammonia in horizontal tubes”

Other presentations will include:
  • Stefano Filippini, LU-VE Group, “Dry and spray technology: liquid coolers, condensers, gas coolers with low energy and water consumption”
  • Josef Riha and Heinz Jackmann, Guentner, “Air-cooled condensers in NH3 refrigeration plants as an alternative to evaporative condensers”
  • Rolf Christensen and Bjorn Sollie, Alfa Laval / Lund AB, “Compact, energy efficient, low charge ammonia evaporator with separator vessel”
  • Shuji Fukano, Takanori Kudo and Noriyuki Arata, Mayekawa, “Ammonia heat pump package using waste heat as source”
  • Alexander Pachai, JCI, “Industrial ammonia heat pumps and their challenges”
  • Klaas Visser, KAV Consulting, “A conceptual study of an inverse NH3 to CO2 cascade for simultaneous cooling and heating” 

Main focus of the conference

IIR recognises that the global trend towards using natural refrigerants is intensifying, with very positive signals in some parts in Europe, where expanding use of ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons in various applications is occurring. The IIR would like to eliminate all uncertainties in the future regarding both protocols and environmental regulations applying to natural refrigerants.

The topics of the conference include:
  • Design of modern ammonia systems and technological innovation
  • Energy efficiency of ammonia refrigeration 
  • Applications of ammonia refrigeration
  • Absorption machines
  • Ammonia systems in developing countries 
  • Technical and safety standards 
  • Guidelines, instructions and training materials 
  • Public awareness of the image and benefits of natural refrigerants 

About IIR

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is a scientific and technical intergovernmental organisation enabling pooling of scientific and industrial know-how in all refrigeration fields on a worldwide scale.

The IIR's mission is to promote knowledge of refrigeration technology and all its applications in order to address today's major issues, including food safety and protection of the environment (reduction of global warming, protection of the ozone layer), and the development of the least developed countries (food, health).


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 23, 2011, 14:36

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