R717 products at Chillventa 2010 - part 2

By Sabine Lobnig, Oct 22, 2010, 12:43 2 minute reading

This second article provides an overview as well as an image gallery of a selection of ammonia products on display during Chillventa 2010, the leading HVAC&R event held last week in Nürnberg, Germany. + IMAGE GALLERY

With natural refrigerants becoming more and more an HVAC&R industry trend, several companies at Chillventa showcased products, as well as concepts for pure ammonia or cascade solutions using ammonia for industrial and commercial applications.

Some of the companies and products on display included:
  • Frigoteam showcased a CO2/R723 (ammonia-dimethylether blend) cascade unit, offering possibilities for temperatures between -20°C and -50°C for commercial and industrial applications. The system encompasses a low refrigerant charge thanks to dry expansion in both cycles.
  • HAFI showcased a refrigeration plant with a NH3 screw compressor, type VMY 256 MHR by AERZEN. The plant encompasses an evaporating temperature of -10°C and condenstaion temperature of +35°C.
  • AERZEN showcased its screw compressors types VMY 256 MHR and VMY 156 MHR fo use with all current refrigerants, including ammonia.
  • MAJA showcased an NH3 ice flake machine, part of its HY-GEN line type RVH and availabl for capacities between 7,000 and 14,000 kg. The machine features controls by Danfoss.
  • GALAXAIR showcased its product for recovering ammonia refrigerant.
  • efc / RAMON VIZCAINO showcased a 251kW ECOPACK water-cooled NH3 chiller, featuring an NH3 motor compressor unit. The chillers is available in capacities between 100kW up to 600kW, covering a cooling liquid temperature outlet range from -6°C to -14°C. The chiller’s compact design allows very low refrigerant charge, while it is equipped with a safety housing suitable for outdoor isntallations as well as an optional neutraliser to prevent leaks.
  • stefani showcased it ammonia industrial air cooler, part of the company’s “natural choice” offerings. Besides NH3 air coolers, the company also offers NH3 unit coolers blast freezing applcations.
  • evapco presented its new PMC EQ evaporative condenser, featuring axial fans. A set of the axial fans where showcased at their booth.
  • WITT showcased its WPHR high pressure float regulator, its hermetic refrigerant pump, as well as products for automatic oil return.
  • schick showcased its offering of refrigerant fluids, including R717 and R723 (mixture of 60% ammonia and 40% dimethylether).
  • Vilter presented its ammonia heat pump package, as well as its open drive reciprocating compressors.
  • WIGAM showcased its leak detectors and components.
  • thermofin presented its industrial line of ammonia evaporators and condensers, as well as its insulated coolers and penthouse coolers suitable for use with ammonia refrigerant.
  • HTE presented its NH3 heat echangers.
  • HPH also presented it NH3 heat exchangers. 


By Sabine Lobnig

Oct 22, 2010, 12:43

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