Chillventa 2010: a preview of companies offering NH3 solutions

By Sabine Lobnig, Aug 10, 2010, 14:15 5 minute reading

An impressive number of companies are this year presenting their NH3 solutions at Chillventa 2010, the leading HVAC&R event. Among them, the team behind will be present with an own booth, while the German Federal Environment Agency will hold a one-day workshop on natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration.

More than 850 exhibitors from all around the world will showcase product innovations for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump industry at this year’s Chillventa trade fair to be held between 13 and 15 October 2010 in Nürnberg, Germany.

Meet at Hall 1, Booth 1-145

Among the companies present, the team behind will be exhibiting for the first time at the event. Between 13 and 15 October 2010, you can find us at Booth 1-145, Hall 1 to discuss the means through which we support the worldwide use of ammonia refrigerant in cooling, refrigeration and heating.

Companies presenting ammonia solutions

The list of companies presenting ammonia solutions is long and includes:
  • Danfoss GmbH Kältetechnik (Germany) is introducing a full range of stainless steel stop valves suitable for use with all common refrigerants including ammonia and also CO2.
  • Mayekawa Europe (Belgium) will be presenting its industrial refrigeration compressor units.
  • Parker Hannifin Ltd/Parker (USA) will be presenting a broad offering of components for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, including couplings, hose, expansion and solenoid valves.
  • HERL/Refrigerating Spec.
 (USA) is presenting its R/S Defrost Solutions. More specifically its CK-2D, CK-6D, and S4AD Dual Position Valves combine the features of a solenoid valve and check valve, combating the rapid expansion of ammonia as hot gas is introduced into the line.
  • Johnson Controls (Belgium) will be presenting its refrigeration and chiller solutions.
  • Star Refrigeration Ltd. (United Kingdom) is presenting its Azanechiller range of air cooled and water cooled packaged chillers using ammonia refrigerant with capacities ranging from 200kW to 850kW, with refrigerant charge as little as 0.1kg/kW. The company will also be presenting the ‘Neatpump’, a range of high efficiency, ammonia heat pumps with capacities ranging from 500kW to 8000kW.
  • DSI A/S (Denmark) is presenting its manually-operated and automatic plate freezers, including the DSI PFP 2000-Series with ammonia.
  • Tranter Pressko GmbH (Germany) will be presenting its all-welded products, such as its plate heat exchangers.
  • LU-VE (Italy) will be presenting its unit coolers.
  • HB Products A/S (Denmark) is presenting its electronic sensors for liquid NH3, including the HBSR level sensor designed to detect conductive liquids such as NH3.
  • Kobe Steel, Ltd. (Japan) is presenting its Semi Hermetic two stage ammonia inverter screw compressor.
  • Vilter Manufacturing LLC (USA) is presenting ammonia heat pumps.
  • WITT, TH. Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH (Germany) is presenting its ammonia/carbon dioxide cascade systems, its GP and HRP refrigerant pumps suitable for ammonia, as well as its WITT Chillers.
  • GEA Grasso GmbH (Germany) is presenting its CO2/NH3-cascade systems for refrigeration temperatures between -54 and -40°C are available in 16 standard sizes within a cooling capacity from 80 to 1,000 kW.
  • GEA PHE Systems 
(Germany) is presenting its semi-welded LWC (Laser-Welded Cassettes) EcoFlex - LWC plate heat exchangers, whereby two plates are laser-welded together to create a hermetically sealed flow path.
  • Hansen Technologies Europe GmbH (Germany) is presenting its Shut-off Valves that are designed specifically for use in industrial ammonia systems. It is also presenting the AUTO-PURGER PLUS for reducing the energy costs of operating an ammonia refrigeration system.
  • Zudek S.r.l. (Italy) is presenting its range of ammonia chillers.
  • Aerre s.r.l. (Italy) is presenting a water cooled ammonia brine chiller for indoor installation. The Zeus ammonia chillers line can be used in low and medium temperature applications for refrigeration and for air conditioning applications.
  • HKT Huber-Kälte-Technik GmbH (Germany) is presenting its compressors for the natural refrigerants R717, R723 and R290 (propane).
  • Ramon Vizcaino Refrigeración, S.A. (Spain) is presenting an NH3 Water Chiller, a machine room for NH3 and CO2, as well as its NH3 screw-compressor pack.
  • Frigoteam Handels GmbH (Germany) is presenting its CO2-R723 blast freezer, as well as a R723 low and medium temperature system.
  • MAJA-Maschinenfabrik 
(Germany) is presenting its ammonia ice maker.
  • Cabero Wärmetauscher (Germany) is presenting its Professional Ammonia Line Evaporators suited in refrigeration plants operating on ammonia.
  • SILVA MATOS Metalomecanica (Portugal) is presenting its 995L Vertical Drum for ammonia.
  • Beutler Maschinenbau- und
 Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (Germany) is presenting its NH3-sensitive cooling water probe, a measuring point for detecting ammonia in the water or salt-water circulation of cooling systems.
  • Schick GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) is presenting its range of refrigerant gases, including R717 and R723, the ammonia/dimethyl ether mixture.
  • Forschungsrat Kältetechnik (Germany): Forschungsrat Kältetechnik (Research Council for Refrigeration Technology) is presenting its Studies of lubricants on solubility and plant behaviour with ammonia as well as a report on R&D on ammonia.
  • Testo AG (Germany) is presenting the testo 316-4 Set 2 leak detectors especially for ammonia.
  • Tazzetti S.p.A. (Italy) is presenting it range of refrigerant fluids, including ammonia.
  • Frigopol Kälteanlagen GmbH (Austria) is presenting a Seperating Hood Compressor whose semi-open compressor construction allows the use of most of the common refrigerants including ammonia and R723.
  • U.S. Refrigeration Controls (France) is presenting its offering of refrigeration fluid controls for ammonia refrigerant.
UBA workshop on natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration

On 14 October, the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is organising a full day ‘Workshop of the EU project SPIN, Commercial Refrigeration with Natural Refrigerants, Perspectives for Craftsmen’ that will explore environmentally friendly techniques and financing possibilities for end users, targeting craft companies that want to broaden their expertise in innovative refrigeration technologies, employing natural refrigerants.

In the morning of the same day, eurammon will be organising a lecture on ‘Applications with Natural Refrigerants - country situation and experiences’. 


By Sabine Lobnig

Aug 10, 2010, 14:15

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