B2B global directory for Ammonia Industry launched

By Sabine Lobnig, Jan 20, 2010, 13:52 3 minute reading

More than 100 companies have already been added to the first interactive world map showing key players in the ammonia refrigerant HVAC&R industry. It will soon be growing to become the largest online “Yellow Pages”, where organisations with a premium entry will benefit from a higher visibility and direct sales opportunities.

What is meant to grow into the most comprehensive directory of ammonia (R717, NH3) system manufacturers, component suppliers, industry associations, research institutes, and consultancies has been launched on ammonia21.com today. The interactive world map and advanced search options complementing it will show you where business, non-profit organisations and academics are investigating and promoting the uptake of the natural refrigerant ammonia. With more than 100 organisations already showing on the world map today, the global directory is far from being exhaustive at this point in time. With the help of the global ammonia community, however, we are confident to rapidly increase this number over the coming weeks and months.

The ultimate goal of the ammonia21.com global directory is to bring together industry and research, NGOs and public authorities, decision makers and solution providers. In a time when the HVAC&R industry and OEMs are struggling to see through constantly changing policy processes and upcoming guidelines, the newly launched directory might help to identify partners and/or customers ready to invest in climate-friendly, save and energy-efficient R717 systems.

“Today, ammonia21.com, the already well-established B2B platform for the NH3 community, is launching a global interactive directory of organisations working in this sector. It now has 100 organisations with new ones being added every day, so that we expect to increase this number considerably by the end of the year. We believe this will be a very useful tool for the community to share knowledge and connect for new business opportunities”, says Marc Chasserot, ammonia21.com Editor in Chief.

The ammonia21.com Directory - A quick guide

The directory is built around an interactive world map exclusively designed for ammonia21.com. Several search options complement it to enhance the search and deliver targeted results.

World Map: You can search by clicking on a certain world region to zoom in. A cursor at the bottom of the map allows you to move in all four directions. You can also drag the map with the mouse cursor to the point you want to focus on. There are four levels of zooming. The “Reset” button will centre and un-zoom the map so that you can renew your search.

Company Pins: For each organisation a little pin will indicate the location of its headquarters on the map. By doing a mouse-over, you will see a little pop-up window appearing with the most relevant details for that organisation. Click on “view details” to get more information about a certain organisation.

Company Details: Below the map, you will find a short description of any organisation you chose on the map or through any other search option. Where a company is already an ammonia21.com partner, you can send a direct request to the contact person. Otherwise a link to the main corporate website is provided.

Search Menu: Above the world map, you can search by product group, by type of organisation, and by world region. The latter has shortcuts to some major world markets. Multiple options for all three categories allow a very targeted search, combining several search criteria.

Free & Premium Entry

If you feel that your organisation is missing, or you want to alert us about a company you find is indispensable on the world map, please send logo, company website link, description, and/or product categories to: info@ammonia21.com

However, if you want to benefit from more sales opportunities, you can opt for a Premium Entry at only €200 per year. This will allow you to add:
  • postal address
  • phone & fax number
  • contact person
  • sales request form to receive requests directly through ammonia21.com
To learn more about the benefits of a Premium Entry, contact us at: sales@ammonia21.com


By Sabine Lobnig

Jan 20, 2010, 13:52

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